Work With Me

Sponsorship is a win win for both parties involved. It can be a scary thing when you first start out, but when you find the right blogs to sponsor, it's a piece of delicious cake. While my little blog is still growing, I work hard for my sponsors. With each one, I hope to create a partnership that will benefit both of us and maybe even gain some awesome friends too!

What my Sponsors Say:

"If you're looking for a blogger who is genuinely interested in your blog, you've found one. Amanda will take the time to read your content, comment on it, and share it everywhere. She is awesome!" 
- Christine, Christine Everyday

"I absolutely loved sponsoring and working with Amanda. She was super fun to work with. She followed through on everything she promised and her shout-outs were very heartfelt I thought. You could tell she had really read what she promoted and was very kind in her words. She was very quick to get back to me whenever I had a question or idea that we could do together and really supported my blog the whole month. Thanks Amanda for such a great month! If you are looking to sponsor someone...I would highly recommend Amanda and Knock On Wood. I know I will be back! " 

"Amanda is amazing! She does more than she has to, when it comes to promoting. She actually takes the time to talk with you & get to know you. She is more like a friend! " 
- Ashley, Mama's Blessed

"Sponsoring Amanda was an easy decision! I connect with her blog and love her content, so I knew she would help promote my posts as well. She did a fabulous job sharing my posts and directing traffic to my social media outlets as well. I will definitely be back!" 
- Meagan, All the Joys

"I've sponsored Amanda several times. She was the first blog I EVER sponsored and boy does she deliver! She takes the time to get to know YOU and your BLOG. She works magic to make sure you're a satisfied sponsor. You won't be sorry sponsoring this lovely lady! " 
- Melissa, The Rambling Llama

For Businesses and Brands:

I am always interested in doing reviews and promotion on products and brands that appeal to myself and most importantly to my readers. I am open to all inquiries and will make a decision based on my interest and experience with the product/brand. All reviews will contain 100% honest feedback featuring photos (when possible) and links to the product/brand's specified website. A product(s) is required for a review. No product will be returned to the sender. To inquire about product promotion and reviews, please email me at knockonwoodblog [at] gmail [dot] com.