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This blog started out about me and my new life in a new state. It was originally called Peaches in Missouri, get it? No? Ok, well I'm from Georgia, and Georgia is known for their peaches. But now I live in Missouri. I see you nodding your head, you got this now! So if you see any photos with Peaches in Missouri still watermarked on them, well I haven't gotten around to re-doing them. My Bad.

I started this little space of mine in January of 2014 and it has grown ever since, despite the name change in July of 2014. It's also undergone several design changes... but I'll spare you the ugly details of that. I did some other awesome designs for some pretty awesome bloggers too! Ok, enough shameless promotion.

Not long after I let the whole internet into my life, my main squeeze, the guy I moved to Missouri for, asked me to marry him! And then we eloped and didn't tell anyone for a whole month cause I wanted to tell my parents in person.

I also decided to finish my college degree, I transferred in to Colombia College as a Sophomore and started classes in June of 2014. It's been an amazing experience, and I'm sorta glad I waited to finish. I feel like I am taking it much more seriously now than I did when I was fresh out of high school.

Hubs and I started trying for a baby in Spring of 2015. We have one angel son, Colby Christian, after a nasty battle with PCOS induced infertility. We are currently trying for another baby. Read more about our baby journey here.

I also blog about the food I make, the crafty projects I do, and (of course) about my relationship  engagement marriage. That's my [invisible] tagline after all, "A Blog about Life, Love and everything homemade."

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  1. So me and my stalk-ish feelings are jumping up and down right now because of this new page! Ha! Love this page girl!!! And the new design! Glad you are back! :) missed ya!