November 17, 2017

Currently... November 2017

This fall weather. It's finally getting into the cooler temps here in Missouri and it's lovely.

Reading: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Making my way through the Harry Potter series again. You can never have too much magic in your life.

Feeling: A mixture of things. Hope and frustration seem to be the strongest at the moment. Hope for our future family, and frustration that things aren't happening in MY timeline. I have to remind myself daily that HIS timeline is greater than mine.

Watching: Game Show Network! The vintage shows are the best.

Writing: A few blog posts. I need to get my creative juices flowing again.

Listening: to Christmas music! Two of the Sirius XM stations are playing it already.

Wanting: The new Illustrated Harry Potter Books! The first three are out in stores. They'll be on my Christmas list for sure.

Needing: New shoes. It's been a while.

Hoping: That God will bless us with another child. A living child.

Avoiding: Schoolwork...

Wishing: It was socially acceptable to put up Christmas decor.

Trying: To stay positive. It can be easy to let my depression take over and stay in that dark place, but it's not healthy. I'm working on making healthier choices for my body as well as my mind.

Missing: Colby.

Praying: For the sad state of our country.

Thinking: That i am so grateful to have our Colby Bear. Having something physical to cuddle has been a great comfort to us.

Considering: A total revamp of the blog. Name and all.

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