December 25, 2016

Wonders of His Love

This has been the hardest secret to keep, but the scariest one to tell too soon. We waited and tried and prayed for so long to finally get here, and now we are ready to share our news with you all.

That's right! Our little miracle will be joining us in July of 2017. We couldn't have asked for a better Christmas gift. I want to send a huge Thank You to everyone who prayed for us and supported us through all of the obstacles we faced getting here. And my heart goes out to those still on their journey to parenthood. You'll be in my prayers, always. 

Here's the story of the day we found out.

Even though I was experiencing some of the classic pregnancy symptoms, I was still very hesitant to take a test. I've been down this road so many times before to only get negative tests. But that day (11-11-16), I spontaneously decided to test. I had pushed the stick far away from me and slightly hidden behind the shower curtain for the duration of the wait time. I peaked only once and saw only one line from far away, and I steeled myself for the negative result. After 3 mins I tentatively slid the test closer. One dark line, and wait! Another lighter line!! Is this real?!?!

So I pulled out the ClearBlue Digital test and dipped it in the cup. I watched the blinking symbol for what seemed like hours until the result popped up. PREGNANT! A few mins later the weeks estimator indicated 2-3 weeks from conception. I couldn't believe it and burst into tears just thanking God for this miracle. 

It was only 11 am and I knew Philip would be home for lunch soon, so I texted him to make sure, when he informed me he'd be done for the day at 11:45. I had a more put together way of telling him planned in my head, but I didn't have the time to get it arranged in time, plus I had my nephew that day. So I pulled out all the little things we had purchased for this miracle child over the past year or so, and laid them out on the kitchen table with the tests and very impatiently waited. 

Grayson woke from a nap to eat just before Philip walked in. He walked into the kitchen as we made small talk and didn't even glance at the table. So I sent him back and told him to look around again. Then he saw it, said awww and then looked closer. "Are these yours?" I nodded. "Really?" I said really and started crying. He walked over to me and I saw his eyes getting misty. He kissed me and just couldn't stop smiling.

Merry Christmas!

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