November 15, 2016

Currently November

I feel like I should explain my absence from this space, but I can't. It doesn't boil down to just one or two reasons, it's a culmination of a lot of things that I have going on in my life. And when I start feeling overwhelmed I have to focus on the more important things and set aside things that can wait. I love my blog, but I will not sacrifice my mental and emotional wellbeing or my schoolwork to keep up a posting schedule. With that said, lets catch up!

Loving: My nephew! He's such a blessing to our family and I can't imagine our lives without him now.

Reading: Textbooks. UGH. I generally am not able to read recreationally when classes are going on, especially psychology classes.

Feeling: Joy. Anxiety. Excitement. Compassion. Fear. Confident. Sadness. Lots of conflicting feelings going on right now. I'm hoping I can get them sorted out within the next few weeks.

Watching: Christmas movies on Hallmark Channel. This year I am even more eager for the Christmas season and all that goes with it. I think it's because I know that we will not be able to make the trip down to Georgia to see my parents.

Writing: Notes and papers. So fun right?

Listening: Christmas Music. Don't judge me. But in my defense, Pentatonix has TWO amazing Christmas Albums. 

Wanting: The turkey I bought for Thanksgiving to magically cook itself. I've never done one from "scratch" before. We've always bought the pre-cooked and seasoned ones. Should I put it in the refrigerator now to thaw before next week? How long does that normally take?

Needing: To finish putting up the Christmas Decor. It's a big job and this year I have help from my sister-in-law!

Hoping: The weather stays cooler now. It's finally starting to feel like fall every day now and I really, really, really, really, want it to stay that way.

Avoiding: The dishes. And putting away laundry.

Wishing: I could decide where I want all my Christmas decorations to go already. Some things go in the same places each year, but other things can be moved around as things change and furniture moves. Like I said, it's big job.

To make my mom a decent Christmas gift list for myself and Hubs. A lot of the things we want and need are out of our hands or really expensive haha!

Hating: That we are STILL having some plumbing issues that originate with the city lines even though they claim it's not them.

Missing: My mom. This time of year is our favorite and this year even more so with another nephew on the way (my brother's girlfriend is due in March).

Praying: For our country. The past few weeks have been so stressful and it saddens me that the election has inspired a lot of the hate being spread around from both sides.

Thinking: About how I can get away with wearing leggings all winter as well as the fall. Seriously. I don't think I've put on a real pair of pants in months, and I'm totally ok with that.

Considering: Doing something new with my hair, but I don't know what to do. Suggestions?

What have you been up to? Did you miss me? If I haven't answered your burning questions about my absence and what's been going on, feel free to ask!

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