August 30, 2016

August Favorites

The absolute BEST thing to cross my screen this month is that Emily and Christian now have their very own sweet baby boy. I am so completely happy for them and elated that their prayers (and mine for them) have finally been answered.

+ I completed three baby blankets for friends and family, and I even designed my own pattern for one of them.

+ I perfected the messy bun for my type and length of hair. Let me tell you that it was no easy feat. I have very silky hair (even when it's dirty) and it doesn't tease well either. Plus it's in an in-between medium to long length that's hard to style.

+ I made my very first DIY chalkboard sign for my fall decor set. I have to say that it turned out better than I expected. My handwriting sucks when I try to make it pretty haha! Make sure you're signed up for my newsletter to get a sneak peak of my fall decor DIYs. It goes out tomorrow (Wednesday, 8/31) around 5pm CST.

+ We made the first big step to preparing for our future child (don't get excited, still not preggo) and traded our Mustang in for a Nissan Rogue. Now we will have enough room for a car seat, baby essentials, AND Bear when we go places.

+ I finally got to see my Llama, who I haven't seen in two years. Plus I got to meet Hope in person! I really enjoyed our Blate while I was in Georgia, and I'm looking forward to doing it again.

+ We're All Waiting. (And sometimes the waiting just sucks) - Ember Grey
I am in the waiting boat, and sometimes it really sucks.

+ 10 Funny Signs for Race Spectators - The New Wifestyle
These are great! If I ever go to support someone in a race, I'm using some of these ideas.

+ The Healing Power of the Needle - Amanda Moments
Some people don't understand tattoos. Amanda tells her story about why she needed to get her new tattoo. Which reminds me, I need to post about my newest tattoo.

+ The Best of Maybelline - Jasmine Maria
This is one of my go-to brands of makeup, and this list is the holy grail.

+ 7 Thoughtful Ways to Include Dads in the Newborn Phase - The Nested Nomad
I thought this post was lovely. Dads do often get shafted during those first few months, and these are wonderful ways to make them feel like they are really apart of this special time.

Cassie has been going though some stuff. Some really, really hard stuff. And some of her thoughts and feelings I can so relate to as I am going though my own stuff right now.
+ Finding Hope in Our Miscarriage - Sage
Why Don't We Talk About Trying to Conceive? - Sage
+ Grief Sucks - Sage

+ Marriage is Teaching Me to Wash Feet (and Floors) - Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish

+ Answering the Call to Marriage: Jon's Perspective - Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish
A sweet and thoughtful response to Casey's post about Marriage from her husband Job. His humble honesty is inspiring.

+ Take Your Seat at the Table - Bourbon, Stilettos, and Lipstick

+ An Open Letter to My Friends Who Support Donald Trump
I totally agree with the author of this article. 100%

+ Looking for a baby shower or toddler birthday gift? Check out this sweet penguin. For each one purchased to company that makes them donates 10 meals to children in need.

+ 10 Things a Woman with PCOS Wants You to Know
All. The. Yes. And it's especially great to share this with you because September is PCOS Awareness Month. So wear teal with pride all throughout the month!

+ 29 '90s Movies You Forgot Were a Thing
Oh. My. Gosh. My whole cinematic childhood in one place.

+ Mayim Bialik: Why I Refuse to Give My Kids Smartphones
Wow. Really opens your eyes to the negative impact being connected on the internet can have on children and teenagers.

+ How to Finally Take Professional Photos with Your Phone - Helene In Between

+ How to Make a Snapchat Geofilter - Dream Big, and Buy the Shoes

+ Free Travel Stock Photos - Helene In Between

+ Currently August
+ Italian Style Baked Spaghetti
+ This is What MY Infertility Looks Like
+ Another Decade Down
+ 14 Things You're Supposed to Stop Doing After 30, But I'm Doing Them Anyway
+ Tiny Diamonds Baby Blanket Pattern
+ My Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Shows

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Were any of these on your favorites list this month?

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