August 19, 2016

14 Things You're Supposed to Stop Doing After 30, But I'm Doing Them Anyway

Ok. So now that I'm thirty there are lists upon lists out there of things people, more specifically women, are supposed to stop doing once they turn the big three-oh. Yeah, some of those things are a great big basket of "DUH", somethings I've already stopped doing even before this dreaded birthday, but some of the things on these lists... yeah, no. I don't agree, and I'm going to do them anyway.

1. Stop Eating Fast Food (#16 on this list AND #11 on this list)

Seriously? I know it's not the best choice of foods, but sometimes you just NEED a good burger from Burger King or a chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-a, amiright?

2. Stop Wearing "Ugly" Underwear (#5 on this list)

Ok. Their definition of "ugly" in this particular list was "granny panties" and the like. Well, sorry folks. They. Are. Comfy. Plus you just need more coverage during shark week. 

3. Don't Have a full on Birthday Week (#31 on this list)

Ok. So maybe I don't do this myself, but who am I to tell someone how to celebrate the day/week they entered the world? Do you, girl. Do. You.

4. Stop Letting Your Laundry Pile up (#34 on this list)


5. Don't Have a Stuffed Animal on the Bed (#5 on this list AND #16 on this list)

Confession time. I still sleep with a stuffed bear named Scott. I've tried sleeping without him, and it's HARD. But honestly, no one goes in our bedroom to see him sitting there on the bed. Keep that stuffed llama that your granny gave you when you were six, or that giraffe your best friend gave your for your twenty-first birthday as a joke. Stuffed animals hold memories.

6. Stop Crushing on Justin Bieber (#13 on this list)

Nope. Nope. Nope. He may be a bit of a A-hole sometimes, but that boy has talent and a ripped body. 

7. Stop Calling your Father "Daddy"(or Mother "Mommy") (#15 on this list)

I'm sorry. WHAT? My mom will always be Mommy and my dad will always be Daddy. 

8. Stop Wearing Oversized Sunglasses (#18 on this list AND #1 on this list)

These are the only kind that look good on my face, and they provide great coverage and protection from the harmful UV rays. 

9. Stop adding tattoos to your body (#15 on this list)

Dude. No. I love my tattoos and I want more. I am on board with the whole not getting them in dumb places like on your face, but it's MY body and I'll do what I want with it.

10. Stop Wearing Leggings (#17 on this list)

Leggings and Yoga Pants are too damn comfortable to erase them from my wardrobe. I think that as long as they are not too tight and you wear a shirt or cardigan long enough to cover your bum, you're good to go!

11. Don't Own CDs From Your Teenage Years (#26 on this list) 

Really? I still have a CD book full of Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, Hanson, Britney Spears, and Mariah Carey. Here's the kicker, I keep it in my car to listen to when I'm feeling nostalgic. 

12. Stop Wearing Screen Printed Tees (#24 on this list AND #7 on this list)

Ok. Most of the time screen printed tees are not appropriate for anyone over 25 anyways, but there are some that you just can't pass up. And, if worn creatively, they can be a great addition to your casual wardrobe. 

13. Stop Wearing Glitter Nail Polish (#31 on this list)

Glitter can be done in a very classy way now, I'm just saying.

14. Don't Own Personal Gaming Systems (#21 on this list)

Ok. Ok. I get not playing them for days at a time, we all have way better things to do, but gaming is how my husband and I met. It's still something we like to do together sometimes, and I'm not giving it up.

What are some things you're not "supposed" to do at your age, but you do anyway?


  1. I HATE those lists of what you shouldn't do or eat or wear because of your age! Like...leave me alone, okay? I am most offended by the no leggings comment. Uh, seriously? You can wear leggings at any age and look awesome. So there.

  2. Who the heck are the people that make these they have ANY fun at all in their lives? Because I'm pretty sure that just because you turn 30 doesn't mean you have to become a grandma...


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