July 4, 2016

DIY Red, White, & Blue Wreath

Remember that Twine Wreath I made back in March? Well I made it to where I can change out the decoration on it so I can use it for all kinds of holidays and season. Today is our Nation's birthday, so I made this patriotic wreath for our front door.

Here's what you need:

The basic twine wreath (You'll find the instructions on how to make it In this post.)
Fake Red Flowers
Fake White Flowers
Fake Blue Flowers (if you want)
Fake Greenery (if you want)
1 pair of American Flag Flip Flops
Pipe Cleaners
Glue (I used Gorilla Glue, but craft glue or hot glue would work as well)

Here's what you do:

Make 2-3 bunches of flowers in their respective colors, or mix them up. Get creative! Then you want to figure out how you want your flip flops to lay and glue them together. Let them dry well. Once dry, attach pipe cleaners to the bottom of the straps on either side of the glued flip flops like in the picture below.

Then attach the flower bunches to the basic twine wreath with pipe cleaners in the spot where you want them. Using the pipe cleaners we put on the flip flops, secure them to the wreath in their desired position. You may need to attach additional pipe cleaners to the back of the flip flop straps to get it to stay in position. And viola! You've got yourself a Red, White, and Blue Twine Wreath perfect for your 4th of July festivities. You can also use it for Memorial Day! Or change out the colors of the flowers and flip flops and use a bare pool noodle to create a look for the whole of summer.

NOTE: To make the decorations permanent, glue them to the wreath.

Do you change out your front door decor for the holiday or season? Do you make your own wreaths?

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