July 12, 2016

Design Reveal - Frankly My Dear

Happy clients make a happy designer. And this design was so much fun to do. Once M and I got started talking about the direction of her blog during our text session, I immediately knew I wanted to work with her. Her inspiration for the design... wait for it... Gone With The Wind!! YES! We totally bonded over having it as a fav movie. Vintage and classy and simple. Yes. Yes. Yes. 

I had to finish up Mar's design before I could start working on it fully, but I just HAD to play with fonts and colors for M just a little to make sure we were on the same page for the feel of the design.

That dress. I so wanted my mom to make me a dress like that when I was little. It never happened, but I still dream about it. Back to the design. I pulled the colors from the dress and some gold foil texture. M said she wanted to incorporate wind somehow and I think I captured it elegantly without making it appear kitschy, with the swirly elements in the Header. Then I accented the script font with a clean sans serif and a cute handwritten font. 

M wanted the Deluxe Package, so then I got to work on her pages and extra customization for the sidebar elements. I loved the gold foil paired with the kelley green, so we ran with that for the feature images. Then we worked on the content and layouts. For the sidebar I coded the email subscription and search bar to match the color scheme, and customized the popular post section to flow with the design better with the round images rather than square. 

Go check out the live design at Frankly, My Dear. Keep up to date by following FMD on Bloglovin', and you can get other awesome updates on M's social media accounts.

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What do you think? Did I capture the film in the design?

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