May 3, 2016

My Travel Bucket List - International

While we don't get very many opportunities (or have the extra funds), we love to go and explore new places. For me, the motivator to make a journey somewhere is to experience and learn about the history surrounding it. But, beautiful scenery doesn't hurt either. This list has changed so much over the course of my lifetime, but there are some tried and true locations that have stood the test of time (noted with an *).

1. Paris, France*

Because duh. I learned French in high school and fell in love with the culture. Plus I they have the best champagne and wine, so yay!

2. England* - All of it!

I've been to London/Windsor once in 2008. So far it has been my absolute favorite place I've ever been to. I could go back every year and not get tired of it. There is so much to see and learn about; All the history!

3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Maybe not right this second with all the Zika happening and such. But, eventually, I would love to visit there and see the Amazon Jungles and stuff.

4. Tokyo, Japan

All the cool technology and the clothes! Plus, again, history to be learned.

5. Niagara Falls - the Canadian side

I've heard it's much better than the American side.

6. Athens, Greece*

I've heard it's beautiful. We've all seen the pictures, but to witness it in person? Yes please!

7. Australia

Home of the Great Barrier Reef and some unique animals. I'm not sure where else to visit here (so suggestions would be most welcome), but I've always wanted to go down under. haha!

8. Rome and Venice - Italy

Again, tons of history. Then all the foods and all the wines.

9. Switzerland*

Home of the most delicious chocolate in the whole wide world.

10. Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland

Because I'm Scottish (and English, Dutch, German, and Native American).

11. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tulips. Seriously I'd be cool with just seeing the tulips.

12. Dublin, Ireland*

History, check. Beer, check. Nature, check.

13. Iceland

I hear it's beautiful there and who doesn't want to see the Puffins?

14. India

Such a rich culture to experience. Plus colorful clothes and spices!

15. Morocco

The design influence this country has on us is amazing.

Truly, I'd love to see the whole freaking world. But these are the top 15 places I want to visit that are outside of the U.S. I'm working on a list of locations that are inside the U.S. and could use some suggestions! Where is your favorite place to visit here in America?

What places are on your international bucket list?

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