April 19, 2016

The Truth Behind My Instagram Photos

Instagram. I don't know about you, but it's my favorite social media outlet. When I first started using the photo sharing platform, people mostly just uploaded random photos of themselves or pets or food with captions describing what was happening maybe (please don't go back and look at those posts). Hashtags weren't a thing and I had like ten followers. Two were ex boyfriends, two were best friends, one was an old roommate, and the rest were all those "friends" from high school that you never really hung out with but added them anyway cause you're nosy like that.

These days though Instagram is a whole different world, especially for bloggers. When did it become all staged fashion photos, flat lays,  #handsinframe, and coffee cups next to sprinkle donuts. We all strive to get those likes and we work hard to keep our followers engaged. But does your Instagram feed portray you accurately? I know mine doesn't. What social media profile these days, amiright?

Social media is a lie.

If that statement is true, and we all know it, why do we let what we see from other people make us feel envious,  have petty resentment, and make catty comments to ourselves or other friends? Lord knows that is not what I want to happen as a result of my Instagram pictures. And if that has happened, I'm going to shatter that perception right here, right now. Or you could totally disobey my previous request and scroll all the way back to the beginning of my page and shatter that perception yourself.

Firstly, it takes me HOURS to get one or two good photos when attempting to do the ever evasive flat lay.

Secondly, nearly every photo has some kind of editing done. Most of the time it's very simple, like brightening and sharpening.

Thirdly, I take at least 20 photos (usually more) of everything else I post. Because the angle matters, good lighting matters, and backgrounds matter.

Fourthly (I feel like I'm just making these words up now), Sometimes I crop the one photo in different ways and to make two or three different photos. #lazyphotographer

Fifthly, I do NOT have a fancy camera. ALL my photos are taken with my iPhone and sometimes my iPad. Yep. #cheap

Sixthly... ok I thought I had a sixth thing. I can't think of it now, but I'm sure there is one. And I'm pretty sure that you could totally fill this place in, if not add a few more.

So there. The truth behind my Instagram. All out in the open. So don't you dare let my feed give you negative feelings cause it's only half real. ok? ok.

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