April 1, 2016

March Favorites

I've decided something. It's not that big of a deal, but after reflecting on the things I was feeling two Fridays ago, I have a solution. I will still do a "favorites" post, but instead of weekly, I'll do it monthly. Compromise!

As March ended yesterday, so today is the very first Monthly Favorites post. Yay! Are you ready? Ok let's get to it.

Blog Posts

+ Is Kim Kardashian Liberated or Does She Just Believe the Lie We Have All Fallen For Before? - Flowers in My Hair

+ 5 Ways Pregnancy After Infertility is Different - Becca Dorr

+ How to Know You've Had Enough - Love the Here and Now

+ The Robber - Love the Here and Now

+ The Unwritten Rules of Snapchat - Helene in Between

+ Reasons to be a Cat Lover - Modern Yet Nostalgic

Things I Accomplished 

+ I did a complete overhaul on my Design website. New name and everything! Check it out!

+ We finally put some finishing touches on our kitchen. It feels so grown up and much more like us.

+ Our Bathroom Re-model has commenced! I'm so excited!

+ I think I've got all the pretties purchased for our bathroom once it's done too. Be on the lookout for a sneak peek on Instagram.

+ School is back in session, and this one will be rough. However, I think that it will make for some great blog posts.

Articles Found on Facebook

F*ck You, I'm Not A Millennial - Great read for those of us born in the '80s that can't relate to the kids born in the 90's

To The Person Rolling Their Eyes Because I'm On My Phone - It's a blog post, but I found it through Facebook, so that's why it's under this category.

People With Anxiety Perceive the World in a Fundamentally Different Way - There is scientific evidence!

+ Tattoos Can Make You Healthier - It's a video, but it's got some pretty cool info.

+ Unicorns Are Real, According to Science - let me repeat. UNICORNS ARE REAL!

In Case You Missed It

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What were some of your favorite things from March?
What did you accomplish?

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