April 15, 2016

Design Reveal: The [NEW] Rambling Llama

I'm so excited to present to you the brand new design I created and installed for Melissa last week! Designing for her is so fun, mainly because I know her so well, but I love when I'm able to transfer a blogger's vision onto the computer screen. She's also been a guinea pig for when I learn new things. So huge props to her for putting up with me always wanting to tweak things. 

Melissa has had some huge life changes lately and she's making her way back into the blogging world slowly but surely. And it occurred to me that she might want a fresh look for her blog that matches the fresh start she's making for herself in her personal life. I pitched the idea to her and she was totally on board. 

Via email over the course of a week, I think, we narrowed down fonts and colors. I created. I coded. I designed. Then I re-created, re-coded, and re-arranged things until she was happy with the design (and until I was satisfied with the functionality). A happy client makes a happy designer. She later told me she liked that it was a lot more "grown up" feeling than her past designs which had a young and fun feel to them.

So, without further adieux, I give you The [NEW] Rambling Llama!

What do you think? Does it suit her?

To see the full design visit The Rambling Llama. To find out how to get your own custom blog design, visit Knock on Wood Designs.

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