April 29, 2016

April Favorites

Last month I started this new thing and it did pretty well. Plus it makes me hold myself accountable for saving things I really like to share with you all. I enjoy spreading the love and hopefully introducing new people and things into your life. 

Things I Accomplished

+ So, I decided to take on a Monthly newsletter. The first one goes out tomorrow, so if you wanna get in on that sign up HERE. We'll see how it goes and if I like doing them and if you guys like getting them.

+ I made it though Mid-Terms. That in and of itself is a huge task this session.

+ We celebrated our second wedding elopement anniversary and attended my cousin's wedding just two days later. How awesome is that?

+ I also got to check off visiting the Biltmore Estate from my list of places I want to visit. It's beautiful, so if you ever get a chance to go there, go!

+ I have a pretty emotional blog post planned for the next week or two, so stay tuned for that.

Blog Posts

5 Ways to Encourage Fellow Bloggers - Love the Here and Now
We all need encouragement from time to time and this post points you in the right direction to support your fellow blogger.

Not all dogs are friendly, to people or to other dogs. This friendly PSA from Taylor is perfect for dog owners everywhere.

Cassie shares how you can turn your unused spare bedroom room into some extra cash in your pocket.

So much this. I think we can all relate to this post from Emily.

+ Dropping the Idea of a "Soul Career" - Taylor Duvall
All the yes! I mean, I just figured out what I want to do right now and I'll be 30 this year. But who's to say how long this career choice will work for me?

Blog Related Things

+ Anne shared THIS POST about how to turn one blog post into 84 pieces of social media content. Game changer right there folks.

+ Another video for you. This one shows you how to make a light box to use for photography. SO USEFUL for bloggers. I'm totally going to be making one after the bathroom is finished and I have a place to store it away from the WoodFurKids and Hubs' dirty work hands. WATCH IT HERE.

+ Have you signed up to join Creative Market yet? If not, you definitely should. Every week they email you links to download freebies like fonts, Wordpress Themes, stock photo packages, and graphics to use when creating images for blog posts. This week's freebies can be found HERE. You can join HERE.

+ Helene, from Helene in Between, released another set of free stock photos, so go check those out HERE!

Things Found on Facebook

+ The trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is HERE!! Are you as excited as I am?

+ I also saw this video on Facebook. It's got a powerful message for troubled kids from a local Atlanta judge, who didn't even know this speech was being filmed. WATCH IT HERE.

+ Anne was also featured on Huffington Post this week! She's shared about her daughter's struggle with Anxiety before, and this article gives light to both perspectives of the disease: the person with anxiety and the loved one of that person. Read the article HERE.

+ I confessed last week that I don't have a fancy camera and that all my photos are taken with my iPhone, so I'm always on the lookout for tips and tricks to make my images better. Well, here is a list of tips where the majority of them haven't been on any other list I've seen. Read it HERE.

In Case You Missed It

10 FREE Apps Your Macbook Needs [guest post on Love the Here and Now]
I like to eat when I travel + a Giveaway! (you have until the end of the day on May 2nd to enter)

What were some of your favorite things this month?

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