March 11, 2016

It's My Blog and I'll Do What I Want

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There is a tradition here that on Friday's we round up all of our favorite things of the week and share them with our readers. There are tons of link-ups for this and it's hugely popular. If you go back a few months, you'll see that I've participated a great number of times.  

On the one hand, I love posts like this because, often times I am introduced to a new blogger that I fall in love with, or a new person to follow on Instagram that will provide loads of inspiration. These posts are fairly easy to put together and are a great way to spotlight some well deserving bloggers/people.

On the other hand, I feel like these posts are kind of a cop-out post because they are so easy to create. Also, many bloggers choose the same posts and things to share, and it can become a little redundant. I'm totally guilty of doing this, and I'm not saying that people who do this are lazy or that they shouldn't. Not at all! (Remember when I said I liked posts like this too?) OK. So let me explain this feeling.

I was sitting at my kitchen table last night staring at Magnus (yes, I named my Macbook) and trying to channel some inspiration for something to write about for todays post. I could have just done a favorites post and picked a few good blog posts, some nice pictures from Instagram, and couple of fun Pins from Pinterest, slapped them in a post with witty tag lines and been done in 15 minutes, but it felt wrong to me. Especially since I just got my head back into the blogging game. 

To be quite honest, I have several posts in the draft stage that I could have polished and published today, but that felt wrong too. I could have moved up a post that is scheduled for later this month, but that wasn't right either. Something just felt... off. Still does as I sat at my kitchen table again this morning with a bowl of cereal and Magnus' blinking cursor staring expectantly back at me. 

Finally, I just started to write. Letting my fingers fly across the keys putting my thoughts and feelings into words on the screen. There were several pauses for more thought, to quiet barking dogs, and swat cats off the new kitchen island. I also got a few ideas for future posts, so that's a bonus! 

I guess, I'm saying all of this to say that blogging traditions and schedules and rules can be changed at the drop of the hat, and they should be. Especially when your heart tells you it's not working for you this week/month. Life is unpredictable and can bring on great changes, so adjustments must be made in order to survive. This is why my editorial calendar is ALWAYS written in pencil (or on post-it notes). 

Have you ever felt this way about a post or your weekly blogging routine? 

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