March 15, 2016

DIY Twine Wreath

I see all kinds of beautiful wreaths on Pinterest, in craft stores, on Facebook, and Instagram. While it's so much easier to just purchase one, it can be a heck of a lot cheaper to make one yourself. Today I'm going to tell you how I made this twine wreath with interchangeable accessories so you can have a cute front door that matches every season or holiday!

What You Need:

Slender Pool Noodle
Large ball of twine
Duct Tape
Pipe cleaners / or floral wire
Floral Tape (optional)
Glue (optional)
Artificial flowers
Any other wreath decor you like

I purchased most of these materials from Dollar Tree! You just have to get creative and think outside the box when you're walking through the store.

Make the Wreath

Bend your noodle into a circle and tape the ends together. You might have to work your noodle into a good circle shape by bending it in several places.
Tie the end of the twine on the noodle, and wrap it around the noodle making sure none of the noodle is showing through. When you're done, secure the end by tying it to a neighboring strand of twine or you could even glue it down.

Add the Decorations

Arrange the flowers into two bunches that fit the shape of the wreath (or however you want them to look!) and secure the stems with floral tape or pipe cleaners
Then attach the flower bunches to your wreath with pipe cleaners or floral wire.
Make a large bow with matching/corresponding ribbon and attach it to the wreath with pipe cleaners or floral wire. Make sure the bow is covering the stems of your flower bunches.
To make the loop so you can hang your wreath, make a circle with a pipe cleaner (preferably the same or similar color of your door) with the noodle in the middle of the circle, and secure the ends together by twisting them.

If you want a more permanent arrangement on your wreath, you can glue all the pieces down. Otherwise, you can take off your Valentines Day flowers and put up St. Patty's Day flowers, or even make a little bunny head with some ears and cotton balls for Easter.

Badda bing! Badda boom! You have your very own, fancy schmancy twine wreath!

Have you ever made your own wreath before? Was it cheaper than purchasing a similar pre-made one?

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