January 22, 2016

What To Pack (and not to pack) For A Cruise

What to Pack for a Cruise

The awesome thing about cruises is that you can enjoy the summer weather at any time of year. Unless you're doing an Alaskan cruise, or something similar, which are chillier. Anywho, after our first cruise this past December, and while we were more than prepared, there were still a few things I wished we had brought and a bunch of things I wished we had left at home. So, I am going to pass along my newfound knowledge to you, my lovely readers.

Things you might not have thought about taking:

1. Flushable Wet Wipes - Your butt will thank you. We use them at home, and the thought of going without them for a week was not a nice one.

2. Wrinkle Release - HUGE help. Shirts and dresses can get wrinkled so easy in your suitcase. Bonus if it has a nice scent to freshen your clothes.

3. Cheap Sunglasses - We brought our normal ones as well as a cheap pair we didn't care about losing. You never know what will happen when you get off the ship.

5. Light Sweater or Cardigan - Yes, I'm serious. Sometimes the dining rooms can be a little chilly, and the temperature can drop at night out on the decks as well.

6. Support Braces - If you sometimes need a wrist, knee, or ankle brace bring it. Lord knows what I would have done without my ankle brace. You do A LOT of walking.

7. Waterproof bag/case for Important Items - Like your phone. You don't want that stuff to get wet and ruined when you leave the ship or go up to the pool deck.

8. Nail Polish Remover - I am so glad we stopped and got some before we boarded. I love painting my nails, but all the exposure to water and sand did them in more quickly than usual. So glad I was able to re-do them and not have to walk around with yucky chipped polish all week.

9. Selfie Stick - Best. Thing. Ever. You don't have to hand off your camera or phone to a stranger if you want to get a picture of everyone you're traveling with.

10. Clothes Pins - Usually in the shower there is a pull out clothes line so you can hang up bathing suits and other things to dry. Very handy.

11. Extension Cord - Yep. There is only ONE regular outlet in your room. ONE. We were so glad to have the extra plugs for phone chargers.

What I wish we had:

1. Waterproof Camera - Oh man! I so wish we had one when we went to Stingray City Sandbar. We have zero photos of that amazing experience.

2. A zipper or drawstring bag - We had a large canvas back, but it only had a button for closure. You want a bag that zips or pulls closed with a drawstring to take with you on your excursions. We did end up buying a super cute bag in Mexico just for this.

3. More comfy clothes - As opposed to "cute" outfits. No one cares. You'll never see these people again. Be comfortable.

4. Night Light - For the bathroom. It would have some in handy for middle of the night trips.

Do NOT Bring:

1. Beach towels - You won't need them. The ship will provide them for you, and they will just be taking up precious space in your luggage.

2. Too many clothing options - Seriously, you won't need them, or want them. Honestly we wore some of our clothes for just a few hours. You could totally wear some stuff a couple of times (not in a row, or course). As a woman, I know this is really hard, but trust me on this.

3. Every Single Beauty Item - Nope. I barely used half of it. I mostly did a very simple face, if at all. Save space. Only bing the basic essentials: moisturizer, eyeliner, mascara, sunscreen, concealer, etc.

4. Hair Dryer - None of the plugs will support one. There is one in your bathroom, it sucks, but it works.

Have you taken a cruise? What would you add to these lists?

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