January 11, 2016

Summer in the Winter

Happy New Year! We are back from our vacation and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate my bed, my couch, my kitchen, my furkids, and my home. Vacations are lovely, but coming home is always the best part.

We have great stories to tell, but I know what you really want to see is all the pictures, amiright?

We're on a boat!

Our tiny room! But we had a lovely view.

Trying to tan.

No land in sight!

Almost to Grand Cayman!

I wish we could have taken pictures of Stingray City Sandbar, but this will do.

Mornings at sea

Jamaica Mon!

We got to meet a dolphin!

The dolphin's name is Secret.

Secret likes to dance.

and give kisses


He likes to get kisses too.
Jamaica is seriously beautiful.

Norwegian's Private Island - Great Stirrup Cay

Lounging on the beach.

Can't go to the beach without a feet in the sand pic.

Sunset at sea

Don't be too jealous. We just got 2 inches of snow over the weekend. One extreme to the other haha!

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