August 11, 2015

I Just Noticed We're Halfway Through August

August completely snuck up on me. Seriously, where has this year gone? I'm more excited for classes to start again on Monday than my birthday this Saturday. This is how you know you're getting old. Don't have any plans so far, but Hubs did already give me my gift: a complete set of the Harry Potter movies on BlueRay! Let's just say there will be a marathon in our near future.

In other news, I can officially apply for my associates degree. I've completed all the necessary courses and have enough credits to go ahead and grab that sucker on my way to my Bachelors. It's kind of a big deal. I won't be walking in a ceremony or anything, but that little piece of paper means I'm halfway done with my undergrad. And I'll be the first person on my Mom's side of the family to have a college level degree of any kind. Woot!

Also, you've probably noticed the changes around these parts. I stayed up all night last night making this happen. It's kinda cool, I guess. There's a new page and everything. I think the new look has inspired me to pay more attention to this little blog of mine and you'll start to see me around a bit more. I missed it. So guess what that means? DISCOUNTS! 

Use the code "BIRTHDAYGIRL" to get 25% off the Mahogany and the Chestnut ad spots through August 31st!

Is your year flying by as fast as mine is?

 photo KOW Sig Aug 2015_zpshqjbzwsc.png

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