July 15, 2015


You read that right folks. I've been such a slacker lately, in so many things.

  1. Fitness
  2. Diet
  3. Blogging
  4. Sponsors
  5. Laundry

I'm getting myself back on track here in the blog world this week while I've been ordered by my doctor and Hubs to take it easy. I have missed it a lot, but baby steps guys, this is my second post i this week and I haven't done more than one post in a week for about a month now. I'm hoping by Friday I'll be back on track with my sponsors too. It's my health I'm going to focus on today. Laundry... well that sorta speaks for itself.

While I may have a good excuse to not be moving around this week, it doesn't mean that I'm off the hook for the previous weeks. I need to get my jiggly butt back in gear. It's hard to keep myself motivated though. That's been my biggest problem for my whole life when it comes to fitness. I seriously dislike working out, so I tend to make every single excuse and justification to not go. I want to like it, to make it a lifestyle habit, but it just never sticks. 

I have a really good reason to workout and keep my healthier diet going, but I guess it just doesn't seem like it's enough to keep me going. It should be, but it doesn't. I do well for a few days, then I hop right off that wagon and sit in the lounger to work on my (non-existent) tan.

So I turn to you guys. How did you stay motivated in the beginning? What made you get off your butt and just do it already? How do you hold yourself accountable?

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