July 10, 2015


Loving: Hubs. He does so much for me and for our life together. He does everything he can to make sure that I am happy and healthy (mentally, physically, and emotionally). These past few weeks have really put us both individually, and has put our marriage to the test, and he's been so amazing. I seriously got lucky in the husband department. Be jealous.

Reading: Grey. I finally picked it up the other day at Target and I'm only a few chapters in, but I'm loving it so far. Don't judge.

Feeling: So very grateful for all of the support I have received from everyone over the past few weeks. The depth of understanding and all the texts and emails sharing similar feelings and stories have made me feel like I am not alone. I can't tell you how much all of that has meant to me and helped me through this bit of rough patch I've been going through. So thank you. Each and every one of you who have reached out to me, commented on my one lonely post a week, who have prayed for me. Thank you.

Watching: So You Think You Can Dance has finally gotten through the auditions and the real competition is beginning. I usually don't watch for real until they choose the top 20 because it's mostly fluff and very short clips of the actual dancing. Who else is watching?

Writing: Several posts for next week. Are you excited to see me back in the space more regularly?

Listening: Classical and instrumental background music while I prepare my final project for my class. It's about my blog, so I'm kinda excited about it.

Wanting: The rain to leave Missouri and head west to California. They need it WAY more than we do right now. Seriously, this has been the wettest spring and summer I have ever experienced.

Needing: To register for classes for the next session. I've got several options to choose from and they are day time classes, which will be a nice change from the past two sessions of evening classes. Hopefully Kaity and I will be able to take at least one class together.

Hoping: I'm having a minor outpatient surgery on Monday, and I'm hoping everything goes well. There is no need to worry! I promise! Nothing is wrong with me! It is personal, so please don't ask questions.

Wishing: That Hubs' schedule goes back to normal after this week. This going back and forth from 3rd to 1st shift all the time really sucks and it's taking a toll on him.

Trying: To work on my fitness. I had been so busy that it sorta took a backseat to everything else, but now it needs to be dealt with. Hubs has been great about it, we even joined a gym in our town. We aren't great at keeping going, but I'm thinking that once his schedule goes back to normal we will get into a routine.

Hating: That comfort food has calories. Like, why?

Missing: My mom. It would have really been nice to have her here through the craptastic stuff going on. But at least I can call her any time.

Praying: For good news after Monday's events.

Thinking: About so many things that I don't even want to begin to list them out for you.

Considering: Changing my hair color. But I really doubt that I will change it.

What would be on your currently list?

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