June 10, 2015

My Community. My Tribe.

Community. It's kind of a big deal, especially in the blog world. It brings like-minded people together and is an amazing source of constant inspiration and support. Communities can band together to help those in need, they can introduce you to your new best friend, they can be local or online. These days communities can form just about anywhere.

I love my blogging community, my #Tribe. They have become more than just words on a computer screen. And just because I have never met these wonderful women in person, it doesn't mean we aren't close friends. Honestly, they know more about me than many people in my "real life" do. They understand me better than some of those "real life" people do as well.

Today I want to take a moment to recognize my #Tribe and thank them for being their amazing selves.

Melissa - The Rambling Llama
Yes, she counts. She's been my best friend for about nine years now. I am so proud of her and even more so that she's grown so much because of her blog. She's so talented and funny, you just can't help but love her. Thank you, Llama, for being you. For being there for me, for inspiring me to do things I never thought I would be able to do, and for being on my level of crazy.

Kendra - Kenji is Here
This lady is such an inspiration to me. After finding out that I have another chronic illness (I have Major Depression and PCOS), I fell back on her for support. She's always got an amazingly positive attitude and totally understands my frustrations and concerns. Thank you, Kenj, for being you. For letting me "cry" on your shoulder, for being a light in my life, and for all the awesome snapchat conversations.

Anne - Love the Here and Now
Oh, Anne. I think we first bonded over our mutual love of fonts. And it grew into something more. Anne is one of the sweetest people I have ever come to know and she's so thoughtful. Not to mention an amazing interior designer (have you seen her daughters' new rooms?!). Thank you, Anne, for being you. For validating my obsession with downloading all the fonts, for being honest and open and genuine, for inspiring me to keep going with my design work (especially fonts!).

Cassie - Sage
Somehow, Cassie always knows exactly what I need to hear, or put my thoughts perfectly into words. She's the person I go to for faith based inspiration. She's the person I go when I need to talk about my crazy thoughts on my schooling. She started my new favorite community #MoreThanAFrame on Instagram (see the prompts here, more are coming in July!). Thank you, Cassie, for being you. For freaking me out preparing me for my future school endeavors, for unknowingly helping me muddle through some of my faith based issues, and for inspiring a wonderful and supportive community with #MoreThanAFrame.

Emily - Ember Grey.
Another amazing lady to go to for faith based inspiration and a dose of daily gratefulness. She's truly beautiful inside AND out (did you know she was a model?). I always look forward to reading her posts because her writing makes my heart smile. Emily also is a creator of an amazing community with #GratefulHeartMonday. Thank you, Emily, for being you. For helping find my positivity and staying focused on my gratefulness, for always making me laugh, and for inspiring my own monthly link-up #Conversations.

Christine - So-Called Homemaker
Whether it's movie suggestions, blogging tips, or offering up the secrets of Real Estate, she always has something to contribute and I love it. She's a go to when I need another opinion on a post idea or when I have something funny to share. Group texts with her and Llama are ALWAYS entertaining. Thank you, Christine, for being you. For always making me smile with random texts, for teaching me that you can understand real estate, and for being our designated Wine Ninja.

Chelsea - The New Wifestyle
Legit, this girl is incredibly talented and smart. I can't believe what she (and her equally as talented husband) have accomplished. Not only does she blog, but she travels with her hubs all over the world to speak and inspire dreams and goal in others. Thank you, Chelsea, for being you. For finding the perfect shade of grey nail polish, for being honest about your fault and committing to improving on them, for reminding me that I, too, and capable of so many things.

Rebecca - The Adventures of Bug and Boo
SuperMom of two beautiful tiny humans, gorgeous fashionista (preggo and not), amazing wife, and genuine blogger. This wonderful lady went out of her way during her first few weeks home with the new baby to reach out to me when I was going through a particularly difficult time and let me know that she understood what I was going through and that she was always there for me. I definitely cried when I opened that sweet note. Thank you, Rebecca, for being you. For being a true friend, for lifting my spirits, and for making me want to try some statement necklaces.

Who is apart of your #Tribe?

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