June 1, 2015

7 Things I Do That My Husband Thinks Are Weird

Ah Husbands (or boyfriends, fiancees, dads... really just men in general). The heroes of our worlds. They can do so many great things: bring home the bacon, carry ALL the grocery bags inside in one trip, mow the lawn, and do math in their heads at lightening speeds. But there are some things they really don't get, amiright? I don't know about you but my husband things some of the things I've done for nearly all my life are just down right weird, and I'm going to list them out for you today.

1. The Accent Nail
You know, the pretty pattern or glitter right finger nail. Hubs always turns his nose up when I do them and calls me a weirdo. He just doesn't understand why I can't do all my nails the same way all the time.

2. Why I Need Four Different Shades of Purple Nail Polish
Purple is purple right? WRONG! Hubs just doesn't get that darker purples are for fall and winter and lighter/brighter ones are for spring and summer.

3. Wearing a Hair Tie on Your Wrist ALL The Time
Seriously? I thought he was joking when he asked me about it one day. Nope, he doesn't get why I have to have one on me every second of the day. Men just do not understand the spontaneous need to pull your hair back in the middle of the day.

4. Eating Cereal Out of a Cup
Ok. This may just be me, but I have been doing this since I was in middle school. My mom had just bought new dishes and the bowls that came with the set were so tiny that I always had to get a second bowl of cereal in the morning. One day I just grabbed a big plastic cup and having been eating my cereal that way every since.

5. Starbucks
Nope, my hubs doesn't get why I love the coffee chain so much. Honestly, it's really a treat for me during school, because caffeine is so needed to stay focused in class. Plus, it's just really really good.

6. Use Body Wash Over Bar Soap
In his brain, bar soap is cheaper and it lasts loner. He has a point, but in my brain I don't get the exfoliation and moisture I need from a bar soap that I do from my body wash and loofa. I take pride on my skin and want to keep it looking young as long as I can.

7. Snapchat
I know he's not the only one in this boat. I didn't really get it at first either, but once I just buckled down and learned how it works I was hooked. Then I started adding bloggy friends and it got even better! If you want to give it another try, Melissa did a great tutorial!

What are some things the man/men in your life just don't get about you?

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