May 7, 2015

Sponsor Takeover with Sarah

When and why did you start blogging?

I am the epitome of "third time's a charm" when it comes to blogging. I launched my first blog at the end of my first year in college (2010) "Bombshelled Glitter" I posted here and there but I really didn't put much into it as I was living the college dream. I didn't think much of it and ended up putting that blog on the very, very back burner. Once I started teaching in 2013, I launched another blog "Juice Boxes and Glitter" This blog I really did put a lot into. I kept up with it frequently and posted at least three times a week. Well, at the beginning of 2015, I decided to take the year off from teaching to go back to school and travel. That is where "Coffee&Glitter" started...clearly, glitter is a thing in my life. Anyways, I felt like it was more appropriate to launch a lifestyle blog to track the events of this year instead of flooding my teacher friends blog feeds with wishlists and recipes! I am really happy with the progress and growth of C&G and I am really happy that I chose to start another blog over just quitting for a year.

What's the story behind the name of your blog?

Well, as you read before, all of my blogs were "something"&Glitter. I am not entirely sure why but it sounded good to me and is something that I wouldn't have to change if I were to get married or have children anytime soon.

What is your go-to dinner recipe?

This is probably going to sound like the weirdest thing ever but I promise, it is delicious! I like to bake a sweet potato in the oven at 400* for 45 minutes.  Then, I will cut up an avocado into small squares and place it inside the sweet potato with feta cheese. Finally top with 1/4 cup of bbq sauce!-omg my mouth is watering now!

Do you think pets are people too? Why or Why not?

Haha this really isn't even a question in my little world! Of course I do! Our dogs are our babies. They go with us everywhere and are insanely spoiled.

What's the best beauty tip you have ever received?

Never go to sleep with makeup on-no matter how tired (or drunk) you may be! My mom gave me this bit of wisdom. Not only does it leave your pillows all nasty, it is horrible for your skin and-who wants to look like a raccoon when they wake up?!

What's your favorite board/card game to play and why?

I love cards against humanity! Even though it is a bit risque, J and I love playing this after a big family dinner!

It's Saturday night and you have two choices: 1. To go out on the town with your Blogging Tribe and have a spectacular girls night. OR 2. To rent movies, pop popcorn, drink wine in your PJs at a Blogger Sleepover. Which would you choose and why?

I would totally pick renting movies and having a blogger sleepover complete with wine and popcorn! I think that this would be a great way to get to know the rest of the girls and I mean, what is better than an adult sleepover? I would probably turn it into a mini spa night as well where we can do makeovers/masks/nails/and share beauty tips!

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