May 4, 2015

Being Grateful

Good Morning Monday. It's the start of another week and while it's not everyone's favorite day, we should still be grateful for it.

If you are following me in Instagram, you'll know that I am currently dog sitting this adorable Dachshund named Robbie while my boss, Nadine, is on vacation. I had met him a couple times before when she's brought some of her dogs up to visit with the residents. He's a sweet little thing, full of energy and love. We've loved having him in our little family the past few days, and we've still got a week to go!

Nope, he doesn't like me. Not one little bit.

Come to find out, Nadine is trying to re-home some of her animals, and I don't blame her. Currently, she's got 11 cats and 5 dogs (including Robbie), and I'm pretty sure there are some birds, fish, and rabbits too. A zoo! Well, Robbie is one of the dogs she's looking for a new home for, and you know what? Hubs agree last night that his new home will be with us.

You can imagine my excitement to have a new baby in our house. Hubs really does spoil me, but I'm not complaining. I appreciate and am so grateful for all he does for me and our family. I'm grateful that we can give this sweet little man a good home, and that Nadine's daughters can come a visit Robbie whenever they want. I'm grateful that I can help out a friend.

What are you grateful for?

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