April 10, 2015

Spring Means a Fresh Start

Happy Friday! I am so glad that spring is officially here, and here to stay! My flowers are beginning to bloom in my front yard and our grass is finally turning green again. I know I've been MIA this week, and I don't really have a great excuse other than I am exhausted from getting back into my regular routine after vacation. So I'm jumping right back in now and I have a few things to tell you.

Firstly, as you can see by that photo up there, I chopped my hair off. Yep. (Sorry Mom!) But I just couldn't stand it anymore. It wraps around my neck at night, constantly getting pulled by one thing or another, and it's hot. I hate keeping my hair pulled up ALL the time, so cutting it was my only option. I disappointed a few people, but it's not about what they want, it's about me being comfortable. So there.

Secondly, this new Black Bar Soap and Black Body Wash from Soapbox Soaps that Hubs and I have been using is AMAZING. Legit, best body wash I've ever used. It doesn't make my skin feel dry or tight after my shower, I feel cleaner, and some of my skin irritations have started to diminish! Hallelujah!

Hubs comes home so dirty and greasy from his job every day, and would just scrub and scrub his hands and arms to get clean. I even made him some scrubby pouches to put his bar soap in. Since he's been using the Black Bar Soap from Soapbox Soaps it's cut his scrubbing time in half! HALF! And I can totally tell a difference in his skin as well. He's not too keen on the smell (which I really like), but he loves the efficiency and quality of this brand.

You guys. It doesn't stop there. Since Soapbox is all natural, so it's safe to use on pets and children. I washed Bear's feet (because white dog + mud = gross) with the Pomegranate Liquid Hand Soap and they went from dingy grey back to bright white! Plus his paws smelled so good for the next few days. I wish I could have taken a picture, but he wasn't cooperating for me that day.

If all of that doesn't convince you this brand is thebomb.com, then maybe this will.

I totally support brands who do good things and Soapbox Soaps gives back not only here in the United States, but in countries around the world.

1 bottle Liquid Hand Soap = 1 month clean water

1 Bar Soap = 1 bar soap donated

1 bottle Body Wash = 1 year of Vitamins

"More than 3,000 children's lives could be saved with 
something as simple as a bar of soap and clean water." 
- Soapbox Soaps

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You can get 10% off your purchase with the code SOAPEQUALSHOPE and all orders over $35 gets you FREE shipping! Click HERE to shop!

And Lastly, I am so so grateful to have been able to spend time with my family over Easter. I got to meet my little nugget of a nephew, color eggs, gorge on candy, and have some quality alone time with Hubs. HUGE thanks to the lovelies who helped me out while I was gone with some fabulous Guest Posts too! 

How was your weekend?

*I was given free products from SoapboxSops in exchange for a review on this blog. All opinions are 100% true and honest*

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