April 27, 2015

F o u r

My weekend was spend working and trying to get myself and Hubs over this sickness that has taken hold in my house. Ugh. At least there were donuts and movie binges yesterday. More importantly I was tagged by Melissa and Sarah to do the FOUR challenge. Twice. I guess that means I really have to do it huh?

Ok. Here we go.

Four Names people call me:
:: Manda- somehow the first A just gets looked over all the time. It doesn't bother me though.
:: Love- Hubs calls me this
:: Manna - my mom has been calling me this since I was little.
:: Mrs. Wood - now that I'm married, I get this a lot when we are out and about.

Four jobs I've had:
:: CMA - this is my current position.
:: Executive Assistant - I've been one of these twice!
:: Call Center Supervisor - this job was fun, but stressful
:: Sever / Hostess - yep. I paid my dues in the restaurant industry for 3 years

Four movies I would / have waged more than once:
:: Pride and Prejudice - this Movie stays in the DVD player in our bedroom.
:: Frozen - probably because I don't have kids that must watch it every day
:: Pitch Perfect - seriously, who doesn't love this movie
:: Gone With The Wind - classic.

Four Books I would recommend:
:: Walking in Circles Before Lying Down - by Merrill Markoe, it's just super insightful when it comes to dogs
:: Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling, um DUH
:: The Rosie Project - Graeme Simsion, if you like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, you'll like this book
:: Oh! The Places You'll Go - by Dr. Seuss, because we all need a little whimsy in our lives.

Four Places I've Lived:
:: Norcross, GA - Several times
:: Dunwoody, GA - my favorite
:: Statesboro, GA - this is where I get that real southern charm from
:: Middle of Nowhere, Missouri - yep. That's where I live now.

Four Places I've Visited:
:: London, England - I loved it! I want to go back so badly
:: NYC - Only for a day, but it was still such an experience
:: Hilton Head, SC - this vacation spot is so pretty and has a wonderful relaxed atmosphere
:: Eureka Spings, AR - this is where Hubs and I eloped

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now:
:: Georgia - with my mommy
:: Ireland - because I'm Irish
:: England - I would live there
:: Italy - because food.

Four Favorite Foods:
:: Chocolate everything ice cream
:: Pizza
:: Waffles
:: Strawberries

Four TV Shows I Watch:
:: Game of Thrones!!!!!
:: Big Bang Theory - so funny

:: The Royals - new show, but really really good
:: Walking Dead - zombies!

Four things I'm Looking Forward to This Year (2015):
:: Having enough credits for an Associates Degree before completing my Bachelors
:: A possible cruise at Christmas
:: Getting some our debt paid off early
:: Seeing how much healthier I can be

Four Things I Say All The Time:
:: Dude! - everyone is a dude when I'm excited or upset
:: Really?! - does this need an explanation?
:: I'm gonna beat you up / knock you out - (always in a playful manner) because sometimes you just gotta put people in their place

:: Everyone doing ok? Anybody need anything? - well, work.

Four People I'm Tagging:
:: Christine - Cause she finally found the Bears
:: Ashley - cause I want to
:: Libby - because we need the input of a pretty pregnant lady
:: Kendra - because she taught me how to do liquid eyeliner over snapchat #talent

You know, doing this list reminds me of how much I have, and how many things I've gotten to experience. My job reminds me that I need to be thankful for each day I've had, and grateful to be able to get out of bed one more day. Each day we get is a blessing, and if you are healthy it's even more so. What will you do to make your day matter today?

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

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