April 24, 2015


with Kaity

You guys remember by MO Bestie, Kaity? Of course you do, cause she's awesome! Well, I've got another hilarious conversation to share with you between her and I. This particular one happened during class one night (I know, I know, we should have been paying attention, but sometimes... you know. Bored). Kaity got a text, and it distracted me, but because we were in class I couldn't be nosy and ask her out loud who she was texting. So I texted her.

Me: Who are you sexting?

Kaity: My sister's boyfriend.

Me: Why are you sexting your sister's bf??

Kaity: Idk... just felt like it *winky face*

Me: Weirdo. Cradle Robber.

Kaity: We are actually talking about the packages that I sent him. And I ain't no cradle robber!!
(note: Kaity is really close with her sister and her bf, and often sends them little care packages)

Me: Ooohhh. Packages huh? Does Megan know he like "packages"?

Kaity turns so red and is trying not to laugh out loud once she read that last text.

Kaity: Oh yes, she knows all about that floozy belle!

Me: I'm not usually this funny with anyone else. Just you.

Me: You're Welcome.

It's the truth. Somehow I am on my comedic game when I'm with Kaity. I wish I could pull off that funny with other people, especially Hubs. He always has a witty comment about almost everything.

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