April 29, 2015

Chewy: Where Pet Lovers Shop

Chewy dog and cat treats

Right now my fur kids are my only kids and even if/when we have a child, they will still be just as important to me as they are now. And if you know me, I will do just about anything for my babies (a.k.a. they are spoiled rotten. Can you smell them?) and I jumped at the opportunity to partner with Chewy especially after I found out they offer organic food and treats. There is even a special tab that will tell you every ingredient in food/treat on the website. Knowing what we feed our pets is a big deal. We eat healthy, why shouldn't they?

When Bear was sick after we got him home from his grand adventure, the Smart Stick treats from the March box (that I didn't blog about, oops) were one of the only things he could keep down. He didn't even want one of his bacon treats, but perked right up when I pulled out the Smart Sticks.

Well April's box could not have come at a better time. Let me tell you. As you can tell from that picture up there, Bear has A LOT of fur. While the warmer weather is good for us, he's not fairing to well. So you can imagine my relief when I got this FURminator Brush in the April Box. Dude. I spent an HOUR one afternoon brushing off nearly half of a garbage bag of fur off him. Half. Of. A. Garbage. Bag. Not only did his coat look so much better, he doesn't seem as bothered by the heat. I will have to keep this up throughout the spring and summer, but it's totally worth it. And that's half a garbage bag of fur I don't have to vacuum up once a week.

With the brush we got these awesome little Primal Chicken Nibs. My favorite thing about these treats is that they are safe to give to both cats and dogs! Ok. Here's a great story for you. I woke up one night to sounds in my kitchen. I got up, knowing it was one of the cats playing with something, and walked in to find Misty IN the treat cabinet, the bag of Chicken Nibs on the floor, and Bear and Pumpkin watching. Misty had already ripped a big hole in the bag, so I had to put them in a tupperware container. A few nights later I hear the same noises in the kitchen, Misty once again trying to get in that cabinet and into the treats. You guys, I had to tape the cabinet shut. That's how much they like these treats.

But I'm pretty sure their favorite part is the box.

Do you have any furkids? How many? Cats? Dogs?
What do you do special for them?

*I was compensated free products in exchange for this post. As always, my thoughts and opinions are 100% honest*

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