April 29, 2015

Chewy: Where Pet Lovers Shop

Chewy dog and cat treats

Right now my fur kids are my only kids and even if/when we have a child, they will still be just as important to me as they are now. And if you know me, I will do just about anything for my babies (a.k.a. they are spoiled rotten. Can you smell them?) and I jumped at the opportunity to partner with Chewy especially after I found out they offer organic food and treats. There is even a special tab that will tell you every ingredient in food/treat on the website. Knowing what we feed our pets is a big deal. We eat healthy, why shouldn't they?

When Bear was sick after we got him home from his grand adventure, the Smart Stick treats from the March box (that I didn't blog about, oops) were one of the only things he could keep down. He didn't even want one of his bacon treats, but perked right up when I pulled out the Smart Sticks.

Well April's box could not have come at a better time. Let me tell you. As you can tell from that picture up there, Bear has A LOT of fur. While the warmer weather is good for us, he's not fairing to well. So you can imagine my relief when I got this FURminator Brush in the April Box. Dude. I spent an HOUR one afternoon brushing off nearly half of a garbage bag of fur off him. Half. Of. A. Garbage. Bag. Not only did his coat look so much better, he doesn't seem as bothered by the heat. I will have to keep this up throughout the spring and summer, but it's totally worth it. And that's half a garbage bag of fur I don't have to vacuum up once a week.

With the brush we got these awesome little Primal Chicken Nibs. My favorite thing about these treats is that they are safe to give to both cats and dogs! Ok. Here's a great story for you. I woke up one night to sounds in my kitchen. I got up, knowing it was one of the cats playing with something, and walked in to find Misty IN the treat cabinet, the bag of Chicken Nibs on the floor, and Bear and Pumpkin watching. Misty had already ripped a big hole in the bag, so I had to put them in a tupperware container. A few nights later I hear the same noises in the kitchen, Misty once again trying to get in that cabinet and into the treats. You guys, I had to tape the cabinet shut. That's how much they like these treats.

But I'm pretty sure their favorite part is the box.

Do you have any furkids? How many? Cats? Dogs?
What do you do special for them?

*I was compensated free products in exchange for this post. As always, my thoughts and opinions are 100% honest*

April 27, 2015

F o u r

My weekend was spend working and trying to get myself and Hubs over this sickness that has taken hold in my house. Ugh. At least there were donuts and movie binges yesterday. More importantly I was tagged by Melissa and Sarah to do the FOUR challenge. Twice. I guess that means I really have to do it huh?

Ok. Here we go.

Four Names people call me:
:: Manda- somehow the first A just gets looked over all the time. It doesn't bother me though.
:: Love- Hubs calls me this
:: Manna - my mom has been calling me this since I was little.
:: Mrs. Wood - now that I'm married, I get this a lot when we are out and about.

Four jobs I've had:
:: CMA - this is my current position.
:: Executive Assistant - I've been one of these twice!
:: Call Center Supervisor - this job was fun, but stressful
:: Sever / Hostess - yep. I paid my dues in the restaurant industry for 3 years

Four movies I would / have waged more than once:
:: Pride and Prejudice - this Movie stays in the DVD player in our bedroom.
:: Frozen - probably because I don't have kids that must watch it every day
:: Pitch Perfect - seriously, who doesn't love this movie
:: Gone With The Wind - classic.

Four Books I would recommend:
:: Walking in Circles Before Lying Down - by Merrill Markoe, it's just super insightful when it comes to dogs
:: Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling, um DUH
:: The Rosie Project - Graeme Simsion, if you like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, you'll like this book
:: Oh! The Places You'll Go - by Dr. Seuss, because we all need a little whimsy in our lives.

Four Places I've Lived:
:: Norcross, GA - Several times
:: Dunwoody, GA - my favorite
:: Statesboro, GA - this is where I get that real southern charm from
:: Middle of Nowhere, Missouri - yep. That's where I live now.

Four Places I've Visited:
:: London, England - I loved it! I want to go back so badly
:: NYC - Only for a day, but it was still such an experience
:: Hilton Head, SC - this vacation spot is so pretty and has a wonderful relaxed atmosphere
:: Eureka Spings, AR - this is where Hubs and I eloped

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now:
:: Georgia - with my mommy
:: Ireland - because I'm Irish
:: England - I would live there
:: Italy - because food.

Four Favorite Foods:
:: Chocolate everything ice cream
:: Pizza
:: Waffles
:: Strawberries

Four TV Shows I Watch:
:: Game of Thrones!!!!!
:: Big Bang Theory - so funny

:: The Royals - new show, but really really good
:: Walking Dead - zombies!

Four things I'm Looking Forward to This Year (2015):
:: Having enough credits for an Associates Degree before completing my Bachelors
:: A possible cruise at Christmas
:: Getting some our debt paid off early
:: Seeing how much healthier I can be

Four Things I Say All The Time:
:: Dude! - everyone is a dude when I'm excited or upset
:: Really?! - does this need an explanation?
:: I'm gonna beat you up / knock you out - (always in a playful manner) because sometimes you just gotta put people in their place

:: Everyone doing ok? Anybody need anything? - well, work.

Four People I'm Tagging:
:: Christine - Cause she finally found the Bears
:: Ashley - cause I want to
:: Libby - because we need the input of a pretty pregnant lady
:: Kendra - because she taught me how to do liquid eyeliner over snapchat #talent

You know, doing this list reminds me of how much I have, and how many things I've gotten to experience. My job reminds me that I need to be thankful for each day I've had, and grateful to be able to get out of bed one more day. Each day we get is a blessing, and if you are healthy it's even more so. What will you do to make your day matter today?

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

April 24, 2015


with Kaity

You guys remember by MO Bestie, Kaity? Of course you do, cause she's awesome! Well, I've got another hilarious conversation to share with you between her and I. This particular one happened during class one night (I know, I know, we should have been paying attention, but sometimes... you know. Bored). Kaity got a text, and it distracted me, but because we were in class I couldn't be nosy and ask her out loud who she was texting. So I texted her.

Me: Who are you sexting?

Kaity: My sister's boyfriend.

Me: Why are you sexting your sister's bf??

Kaity: Idk... just felt like it *winky face*

Me: Weirdo. Cradle Robber.

Kaity: We are actually talking about the packages that I sent him. And I ain't no cradle robber!!
(note: Kaity is really close with her sister and her bf, and often sends them little care packages)

Me: Ooohhh. Packages huh? Does Megan know he like "packages"?

Kaity turns so red and is trying not to laugh out loud once she read that last text.

Kaity: Oh yes, she knows all about that floozy belle!

Me: I'm not usually this funny with anyone else. Just you.

Me: You're Welcome.

It's the truth. Somehow I am on my comedic game when I'm with Kaity. I wish I could pull off that funny with other people, especially Hubs. He always has a witty comment about almost everything.

This month I've got THREE lovely co-hosts! Be sure to check them out, as well as the rest of the Conversations posts linked up with us this week.


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April 22, 2015

Heres to Our First Year, and Many More to Come

One year ago yesterday Philip and I decided to elope. We drove down to Eureka Springs, AR and said our vows under a blue umbrella in front of one of the natural springs. We had a wonderful day despite the rain. I think with it just being the two of us, it made the significance of the day, and the meaning of our vows that much stronger, especially since we wrote our own.

So in honor of that magical day, I'm going to share our vows with you.


I take you as my true love, my faithful partner, and my best friend.
I promise to love you with my fullest heart, to share your dreams and encourage you to pursue them, never holding you back.
I promised to love honor and cherish you, to love your imperfections, as you love mine.
I promise to be your knight in shining armor, and to rescue you whenever you need rescuing, and sometimes when you think you don't.
I promise to forever be by your side through the hard times and the good, through the sad times and the happy.
I love you for all that you are, all that you were, and all that you will become.
On this day, and until my last, my hand is yours to hold, and my heart, forever, yours to keep.


I take you to be my best friend, my partner in crime, and my only love.
I promise to life you up when you are down, and to encourage and inspire you in every part of our life.
I promise to laugh with you, believe in you, and to make sure your smile never fades.
I promise to love you with my actions, not just words, and to share your dreams, no matter how big or small.
I promise to cherish you when our life is simple and when it's hard, when our love is easy, and when it's an effort, when we're old and while we're young.
I love you for all that you are, all that you were, and all that you will become.
On this day, and until my last, my hand is yours to hold, and my heart, forever, yours to keep.

These words ring true just as clearly today as they did then. We had them printed poster size, framed, and hung them up in our living room where we can see them ever sing day.

Did you write your own vows?

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April 20, 2015


I was browsing Pinterst the other day when I ca,e across the quote above, and I immediately thought, "YES! Why can't people understand this?"

There are few people I got out of my way for, but when I do someone will question me. "Why are you doing that? What have they done for you?" Most of the time I can't really give them a good answer other than "I don't know, it just felt like something I wanted to do for them." And I've always wondered why people thing I need a real reason to do things for people.

I love surprising my friends with cards or a goody box, for no reason other than I was thinking about them. And if I've seen something I know a friend has been looking for, or said they wanted (and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg, sorry guys) I'll buy it for them and mail it out. 

I love buying little things for the residents where I work. They don't get much entertainment or decorations and I want to change that. It makes me sad to just watch them sleep all day or just sit around watching tv because they have nothing to do. Yesterday we made paper chains to decorate the main areas for spring.

What sucks though, is that I can never find anything special to do or buy for my husband. I mean, other than cooking, letting him take up most of the bed, and making sure he has gum to take to work. We buy the things we want  or need (within reason) when we want or need them. And most of the things he really wants are those BIG purchases we have to plan for or that I don't know what I'm looking for (like a new computer for him. I know he wants to build it himself, so how do I "surprise" him with that?). 

Suggestions? (He reads my blog, so maybe he'll give me some suggestions of his own!)

I love this quality about myself. I'm grateful to be a giving person because the joy that I can bring about is awesome and the best gift anyone could give me.

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April 17, 2015


Loving: All of the spring flowers and my new haircut.

Reading: Articles for my term papers. I've got two of them and they are ten pages each. Ugh!

Feeling: Rested. I had a couple of lovely days off, but now it's back to work.

Watching: Game of Thrones. So freaking excited about this new season. Anyone else watch it?

Writing: Besides this post, notes from the articles for my term papers. At least it's the same topic just for different ages.

Listening: To Bear barking at Lord knows what outside, the fan blowing, Hubs snoring, and the clock ticking.

Wanting: To be able to take a cruise at Christmas time. Our first real vacation together.

Needing: an iPhone 6. But Hubs won't let me get one.

Hoping: Magnus get fixed and sent back to me soon. I was so frustrated Monday when I couldn't get it to boot back up. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw that I had to ship it back for repairs since we don't have an Apple Store anywhere near us.

Avoiding: Putting the laundry away... #dontjudgeme

Wishing: That I had more hours in the day. There always seems to be more to do that I have time or energy for, and I don't even have a kid. Hat's off to all you Mom's out there.

Trying: To not overwork myself and take on more than I can handle. Our life is delicate balance and I don't want to tip the scales.

Hating: the heat already. Ugh.

Missing: My Llama, as always.

Praying: For the answers and directions we need on several things at the moment. Adulting is hard you guys.

Thinking: About what book I want to read from my list next.

Considering: taking summer classes, but a break sounds good too. 

What's going on in your life currently?

April 15, 2015

Geeking Out

Sunday night my favoritest show ever began it's new season. Hubs and I subscribe to HBO solely for this show, and I was super excited when I got my Geek Fuel box because it's themed around this awesome show.

I legit squealed with delight as I unpacked this box and Hubs thought I was going crazy until I showed him. Then I wasn't the only one geeking out and there was definitely a fight over that shirt.

1. Dif-tor heh smusma (Live Long And Prosper)
In honor of our beloved Leonard Nimoy, this sweet little pin will geekify my school bag. 

2. Dragon Glass
If you watch Game of Thrones, you'll know about this little discovery. It's the only way to kill a White Walker. Now we'll be prepared should they decend from the North. 

3. Comic Book 
Oh boy. This is probably my favorite part. It's one of five and portrays a events from Game of Thrones  with beautiful illustrations. Brings a whole new life to the story. 

4. Thrones of Games Shirt
This shirt, as mentioned above, has been a huge hit in my house. There are six thrones representing six different classic games: Super Mario Brothers, Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Legend of Zelda, Halo, and Final Fantasy VII. I think it looks good on Hubs, don't you?

5. Warmachine Tactics Downloadable Game and Stickers 
This was more up Hubs alley. I'm not sure if he's tried it out yet, but he had heard good things and was looking forward to playing. As for the stickers, I'll probably end up sending them the my Llama to give to her kids. 

6. Darryll Jones Poster
This was pretty cool. It is a Shorty Awarding winning picture that portrays a Rebel Warrior Storm Trooper. I am probably going to have it framed for my new nephew who has a Star Warms Themed Room. 

7. Gears of War Imulsion Energy Drink
Again, more Hubs thing than mine, so I let him have it and he loved it. You can only order it online, and so far Amazon has been the best place to get it. 

Each month's box contains a new set of goodies to satisfy all your geeky desires. Satisfy your own inner nerd and click here to order your own box!

What do you geek out over?

*I was compensated with a free box in exchange for this review*

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April 10, 2015

Spring Means a Fresh Start

Happy Friday! I am so glad that spring is officially here, and here to stay! My flowers are beginning to bloom in my front yard and our grass is finally turning green again. I know I've been MIA this week, and I don't really have a great excuse other than I am exhausted from getting back into my regular routine after vacation. So I'm jumping right back in now and I have a few things to tell you.

Firstly, as you can see by that photo up there, I chopped my hair off. Yep. (Sorry Mom!) But I just couldn't stand it anymore. It wraps around my neck at night, constantly getting pulled by one thing or another, and it's hot. I hate keeping my hair pulled up ALL the time, so cutting it was my only option. I disappointed a few people, but it's not about what they want, it's about me being comfortable. So there.

Secondly, this new Black Bar Soap and Black Body Wash from Soapbox Soaps that Hubs and I have been using is AMAZING. Legit, best body wash I've ever used. It doesn't make my skin feel dry or tight after my shower, I feel cleaner, and some of my skin irritations have started to diminish! Hallelujah!

Hubs comes home so dirty and greasy from his job every day, and would just scrub and scrub his hands and arms to get clean. I even made him some scrubby pouches to put his bar soap in. Since he's been using the Black Bar Soap from Soapbox Soaps it's cut his scrubbing time in half! HALF! And I can totally tell a difference in his skin as well. He's not too keen on the smell (which I really like), but he loves the efficiency and quality of this brand.

You guys. It doesn't stop there. Since Soapbox is all natural, so it's safe to use on pets and children. I washed Bear's feet (because white dog + mud = gross) with the Pomegranate Liquid Hand Soap and they went from dingy grey back to bright white! Plus his paws smelled so good for the next few days. I wish I could have taken a picture, but he wasn't cooperating for me that day.

If all of that doesn't convince you this brand is thebomb.com, then maybe this will.

I totally support brands who do good things and Soapbox Soaps gives back not only here in the United States, but in countries around the world.

1 bottle Liquid Hand Soap = 1 month clean water

1 Bar Soap = 1 bar soap donated

1 bottle Body Wash = 1 year of Vitamins

"More than 3,000 children's lives could be saved with 
something as simple as a bar of soap and clean water." 
- Soapbox Soaps

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You can get 10% off your purchase with the code SOAPEQUALSHOPE and all orders over $35 gets you FREE shipping! Click HERE to shop!

And Lastly, I am so so grateful to have been able to spend time with my family over Easter. I got to meet my little nugget of a nephew, color eggs, gorge on candy, and have some quality alone time with Hubs. HUGE thanks to the lovelies who helped me out while I was gone with some fabulous Guest Posts too! 

How was your weekend?

*I was given free products from SoapboxSops in exchange for a review on this blog. All opinions are 100% true and honest*

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April 7, 2015

[ guest post ] Staying Positive Despite a Chronic Illness

Good Morning! While I'm away on vacation in Georgia with Hubs and playing with my mommy, I've invited a few of my favorite bloggers to entertain you! Today Kendra is sharing something that has been on her heart for a while now. It's something she and I have talked about on several occasions and it's brought us closer together. Take away Kendra!

Hi everyone, I’m Kenji from Kenji is Here! I am so happy to be taking over Amanda’s blog while she is away! Today I wanted to talk about something that sits heavy on my heart everyday and I am sure there are so many other people out there that are right there with me.

In May of 2014 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was distraught and my world spun around completely. I went through long period of deep depression all while trying to figure out this disease. I was in the middle of turmoil and couldn’t figure out where the exit door was located.

Previously to being diagnosed I was always a happy person. I was always positive and never spoke a bad word. (okay, maybe a few…but who doesn’t) Regardless, my point is that I had never experienced depression, I was not a negative person, and I never lost faith in God. When I was diagnosed and felt the disease start to take over I lost all of who I was. My motivation diminished, my positivity was hard to be found, and depression settled in. 

After a hard couple month’s I felt that enough was enough and knew this wasn’t who I was. I wanted the old me. I didn’t want to be in a slump anymore. I knew I couldn’t break the depression, as this was a side effect of the medication. I knew however that I was a positive person and deep down I was still me..

Keeping positive with a chronic illness isn’t always easy. When medication stop working and your in pain and sick it is extremely hard to put on a happy face and act like everything’s okay. Still to this day it is not easy but I do it. Staying positive during the hard times has helped me immensely. Walking into a doctor’s office with a positive outlook on how things will go will help the end result.

The best thing one with chronic illness can do is to let go and let God. This is not something we can change, it is something we must live with forever. It is a part of us, hence "chronic." Giving it over to God was the best thing I ever did, no God did not heal me but the weight was lifted off of my shoulders. Another thing I found extremely helpful were my friends and family. Having a great support system who understands times are tough can completely change ones mood. Personally, I feed off of other positivity thus having positive people surrounding me aids in my own positivity. Lastly, smile. Simple, so so simple, but so purposeful. When you smile it makes others smile and when you make others happy it’ll make you happy. It’s a complete circle. 

At the end of the day it’s all about doing what you can to make you happy. Whatever it is that brings a smile to your face, do it because the most important thing when living with a chronic illness is to stay positive.  All we can guarantee is our own happiness and we only live one life so why not make it as best as we can!

Huge thanks to Kendra for helping me out and writing something so important to both of us! I just love Kendra's heart. Want to fall in love with Kendra too?

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April 6, 2015

[ guest post ] How to Have Fun on Your Long Road Trip

Good Morning! While I'm away on vacation in Georgia with Hubs and playing with my mommy, I've invited a few of my favorite bloggers to entertain you! Today Melissa is sharing some amazing tips on how to stay sane when you take a road trip. Take away Melissa!

Hey, y'all! I'm Melissa from The Rambling Llama. I'm happy to take over Amanda's little corner of the internet while she's here in Georgia! Amanda and her hubs made the super long drive from Missouri to Georgia. Road tripping is something my family is very familiar with, so today I thought I'd share some secrets to getting the most out of a long road trip with your spouse (and family).

// Snacks are Key.
Let's face it! Fast food and snacks from the gas station can get pricy. Before you leave, load your car with lots of tasty filling snacks. Granola bars are  winner for us! We can usually get away with going to the dollar store a few days before we leave to get things that everyone loves. Along with the snacks, drinks are important. I of course prefer water, but capri suns are great for the kids. Heck, there's even great recipes to make your own granola snacks to save even more.

No one wants to be HANGRY

// Know your MPGs!
To get the most out of your journey, it helps to know how often you'll have to stop for gas. You may not be able to map out where exactly to stop for gas, but you'll at least be able to know how often you will need to stop based on how far you're going and your MPG's. For example, when we drive from Georgia to Jersey we know we'll have to fill up three times. This gets worked into our travel budget. Without stressing about stopping too much allows you and the driver to enjoy the ride a little more.

Just watch out for flying Mexican!

// Enjoy the ride.
Plain and simple. Just make the trip fun. Just because you're literally stuck in the car for hours on end, you don't have to be cranky about it!You may have taken the same road trip every year and know your route so well that you could do it in your sleep. But don't make the ride boring! Play I-Spy games. This helps keep the driver entertained.

// Crank up the tunes!
Road trip songs are the best! Before you leave, get some playlists together that will have you and the driver singing along. My husband and I have a bunch of mixed CD's we use just for road trips. We both sing and dance along. And hey, if you have kids, you DON'T need to keep the kids songs playing. Let's face it, y'all... those get old FAST. The kids can learn to appreciate Journey at an early age!

// Plan to Explore. This kind of goes back to enjoying the ride. Before you leave allow little wiggle room in your travel time to stop and explore. Y'all may not realize there's a zoo you haven't been to before or a random "state's biggest (fill in the blank)" Look up some random attractions on your route and explore! For example, there's a natural bridge in Virginia that someone might like to see!  This makes for great memories and pictures.

See? Road trips don't have to always be  long and boring! Make it fun and make it something you enjoy. 13-15 hours in the car is a long time, y'all. We don't want to kill your spouse at the end of it, right?

What are some things you do on road trips? What's your favorite road trip song?

 photo TRLSigNov2014_zps7a838dc4.png

Huge thanks to Melissa for helping me out last minute! This is why she's my bestie ya'll. Here is where you can stalk her like I do!

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April 3, 2015

[ guest post ] Creation and Woriship

Good Morning! While I'm away on vacation in Georgia playing with my mommy, I've invited a few of my favorite bloggers to entertain you! Today Faith is sharing a little of what has been on her heart lately. Take away Faith!

Hi Knock on Wood Readers! I'm Faith and I blog at Life w/ Mrs G & the Artist where I talk about all things faith, love, marriage, & life, a little DIY and recipes and a whole lot of real, authentic community and connection between women in all seasons of life. I nanny by day for two adorable little twin boys and I'm a blogger by night. I’m passionate about God and what he is doing in my life. I love working with my sign language team and living life to the fullest. I love the community and the connections that I've found through this wonderful little blog of mine and I can't wait to meet you!

So have you ever sat back and really thought about the creator of the whole universe wanting to hear our praise and our worship? I know I've always been taught that praise and worship is something that God loves to hear...but somewhere a long the lines, I began thinking that God had to have our praise and worship. Now don't get me wrong .. he loves to hear it but he doesn't have to have our worship to get worship. He has a whole creation that worships him day in and day out.

Tuesday is mid-week service for me and sometimes after the busyness of the weekend things finally start to slow down a little by Tuesday and I feel somewhat rested. I usually "try" on Tuesday's to be "spiritually minded" as my mother calls it to prepare for service that night. I realize that we always need to have a God consciousness but sometimes on those days that we are in service it just seems to come more readily .. if you know what I mean. :) Anyways, lately I've been thinking of the goodness of God and his love and mercy and greatness! I mean, when you really stop and think about all the things that God has done...it's amazing! It's amazing to me how a God that created the whole world just by speaking it into existence...knows and CARES what is happening in my life.

Not only that but he loves me and wants to see me prosper. In fact the bible says that he plans to prosper us and not to harm us and to give us a hope and a future. He cares about what bothers me, he cares when I'm in pain, he cares when my heart is broken into a million pieces, he cares when I don't understand why things happen for some people and not for me. The bible says he is "touched by the feelings of our infirmities". And that's not to mention what he did on Calvary for you and me...

How many of you know someone who would die for you? Without even blinking...and then pray that your sins not be held against you...who does that? I don't know that I know anyone that would do that. And to think that he did all this for us...died for us, created this life for us, left to prepare a place for us the bible says so that where he is we might be also. And yet...after all that...sometimes we get so caught up in this life and things that don't matter that we forget to worship the one that makes this life possible...I'm guilt of this myself way more times than I even want to think about. But we have to remember that even though we are IN this world, we are not OF this world. We have something better than this waiting on us.

A couple of months ago our pastor showed us a clip of something that I just found amazing! I would like to show it to you now. I hope you find it as interesting as I did! It just goes to show that if we don't worship God and give him glory he deserves...he has a creation, a whole world that will take our place!

Is that not amazing? I guess I had never thought about it to much but even though he desires our praise. Even though it gives him pleasure when we sing our songs to him and worship him not for just who he and what he has done for us but because we love him. Even though he loves all that .... if we somehow get so caught up in this life and the world we live in .. he is still going to get the glory, worship, and praise he deserves. His creation ... loves to give him praise and the bible says if we don't worship .. the rocks will take our place. I don't know about you .. but I don't want a rock taking my place. I have to much to thank him for. He has done to much for me not to praise him with everything I have in me.

Huge Thanks to Faith for stepping in for me today! I hope you enjoyed what she had to share with you. Stay tuned for more fun guest posts while I'm away! Now go follow Faith on all the things!

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P.S. There won't be a Blogger Pow Wow for April due to Easter festivities and multiple vacations of the hosts. We will be back in full swing on May 3rd though! Stay tuned to find out who will be hosting and what topic we will be discussing.