March 6, 2015

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

There are a bunch of new faces around here, so I thought I'd share a little more about myself with you. I found this wonderful post with prompts about your favorite things in life, you can find it here, and I decided that I'd take a few and fill you in. I skipped over some of the more generic ones, like favorite color, and a picked some that I haven't answered before on my blog (that I can remember anyways).

1. Favorite pet I ever had

DUH, Bear.

2. Favorite food I’ve cooked

Cheesy Chicken Bacon Wraps. You can find a recipe for those HERE.

3. Teacher who changed my life, and why

Prof. Callahan taught my Public Speaking class last session. Because of him I am more confident and organized when giving presentations in all my other classes. Up until recently I was so terrified to speak in front of people, Prof. Callahan really helped me to be more confident in myself and believe that I can do this and that people do want to hear what I have to say.

4. The best paid entertainment I’ve ever seen

Cirque Du Soleil. I saw the Oovoo performance in Atlanta. If you ever get a chance to see one of their shows, do it. It's so amazing the things they can do.

5. Favorite hobby activity that makes me get lost for hours

Reading. If I didn't have so many other things to do, I could totally read all day.

6. My greatest skill (past or current)

Design. Whether it's arranging rooms in my house, crafting, or blog designs, I have always had a natural eye for it. I get it from my mom.

7. The best advice I’ve ever been given

My grandmother told me once "Amanda, you just gotta have faith. Faith in the Lord, faith in your family, but most of all, you gotta have faith in yourself." I even got a tattoo to remind me of this every single day.

8. My favorite flower – purchased

Tulips. They are the heart of spring time and sunshine, and they come in so many great colors.

9. My favorite flower or plant – personally grown

Hyacinth. We have some in our front yard and they smell so good when they bloom!

10. The most favorite gift I’ve ever gotten – what and from whom?

Bear. The best Christmas gift I could have ever received and Hubs gave him to me. My two favorite boys.

11. My most suspenseful moment

I am going through this right now. I've had some blood work done and am waiting on the results.

12. My most unexpected achievement?

This blog. I could never have imagined how much I have gained from this little space of mine. And now I don't know what I'd do without it.

13. My favorite paid employment, ever

I was a nanny for about a year to the sweetest little boy. I celebrated his first birthday, helped teach him to walk, and made the first attempts to get him talking. Now he's seven and a big brother to an adorable little sister. I still keep in touch with the family and enjoy seeing pictures of my sweet boy on Facebook.

14. The favorite dessert I’ve ever eaten

Ice cream will always reign supreme in my world. Extreme Moose Tracks from Mayfield is my absolute favorite.

15. The most scared I’ve been by a bug or critter

A few years ago, when I lived alone I was running water for a bath when I saw this HUGE bug on the wall above the shower head. It was too late at night to call anyone to come take care of it for me, so I had to woman up and take care of it myself. I went to the kitchen and got a glass and a piece of cardboard to catch it, carefully entered the bathroom, and sized up my opposition. I had to stand on the side of the tub to reach it, and when I went to trap it with the glass it jumped! I felt it touch my arm and I ran screaming into my bedroom and slammed the door. When I finally regained my composure I marched back into the bathroom and squashed that sucker with a shoe.

16. My favorite household chore

Is baking a chore? no? well.... How about changing sheets? Yeah, ok. Let's go with that, because there is nothing better than sliding into bed with fresh clean sheets.

17. Favorite item no one knows I own?

Oh gosh... This is a hard one. I don't have anything to hide (other than my unmentionables). I guess I could tell you that I still sleep with a teddy bear, but I'm pretty sure I've mentioned him here before.

18. The prettiest shiny object I’ve ever owned

My wedding rings for sure!! I have never seen anything like them before and I love them even more so because my husband picked them out all by himself without any help from me.

19. Favorite outdoor smell

Rain. I don't know why, but the rain always smells good to me, except on Bear... then not so much.

20. Favorite song I ever danced to and with whom?

Hubs and danced to All of Me by John Legend at his Christmas Party this past year. We never had a wedding reception, so it was like our "first dance".

21. The favorite place I have ever traveled to where I’d spend my whole life if I could?

I went to England back in 2008 and fell in love. I want to go back so badly, I'd live there if I could.

22. The most significant change I’ve had to go through and how it made me better

Moving away from my home and family in Georgia and coming to Missouri. It was, by far, the best decision I have every made for my life. Yes, I miss my family so very much, but I gained so much by coming here. I got to marry the love of my life, go back to school, and have this little family of my very own, in my very own house. I wouldn't trade this for the world.

23. Favorite environmental sound (rain, thunder, etc.)

Ocean waves. They are so soothing.

24. Best time I’ve had playing with a pet

Bear in the snow the other day has to top everything. He was so happy and had so much fun, it pained me to make him come inside.

25. The favorite picture I’ve ever taken?

I have several, but here are my top two!

What are some of your favorite things?

Feel free to copy the prompts and post your own Favorites!

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