February 16, 2015

The Joy of a Snowy Morning

I woke up this morning to a wet nose on my shoulder. I have no need for an alarm clock, because Bear has his own schedule and he makes sure I stick to it. I put on my robe and walked with him to the back door and you know what we saw? SNOW! So I hurried back to the bedroom to bundle up, grabbed my wellies, and we headed outside.

Great Pyrenees are made for cold weather and mountains. While we don't live in a very mountainous region, we do have plenty of cold weather for Bear to frolic in. It's only snowed one other time since we've had him and it was barely a dusting that time. Today we had a few inches to play with.

Seeing him running around, biting the snow, and just genuinely have the best time ever completely made my day. You can see the joy he had, I could feel it! What a wonderful and amazing blessing it is to wake up to this scene, to have this moment with Bear, to witness his elation over something so simple. I am truly grateful to my husband for giving in to my pleading to adopt Bear, for putting up with all the little issues of adjustments, for trying to love Bear as much as I do (Hubs is not really a dog person). It makes me love Hubs even more to know that he loves me so much that he will do nearly anything to make me happy. And happy, I am. 

What are you grateful for today? 
Do your dogs love the snow as much as mine? 
How has your spouse shown thier love for you?

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