February 19, 2015

Sponsor Q & A With Our Favorite Llama

If you are from around these parts, you know that Melissa is my Llama, my real life BFF of 9 years, and just an all around awesome person. She blogs over at The Rambling Llama all about her life, her family, and everything in between. Today she is taking over to answer some questions for you all! Take it away Melissa!

When and why did you start blogging?

I originally started a blog in March of 2014. It was Crazy Camp Camacho, but sadly Google somehow deleted my entire gmail account... which of course included the blog. In June of 2014 (with Amanda's help) The Rambling Llama was born! Amanda has always been my biggest supporter, and actually encouraged me to start blogging!

What's the story behind the name of your blog?

Well, for Knock on Wood readers that don't know... Amanda helped me! (I did say that she's been behind my blog from the beginning!) She and I were texting, emailing, etc trying to come up with something clever. After Crazy Camp Camacho died (R.I.P.) we decided the blog needed to be re-branded. We tossed around names, plays on words, everything. I kept saying "Rambles" and she kept saying "Llamas" eventually The Rambling Llama was born!

What is your go-to dinner recipe?

Burritos! It's such a quick and easy dinner, and everyone in the house loves them! Plus, it gives me an easy way to throw in lots of veggies (hidden) in the tortilla. My son, Zander, even eats guacamole with burritos!

"hidden" veggies

Do you think pets are people too? Why or Why not?

Absolutely. Their personalities are incredible, and they are really intuitive to your feelings. My Gambit was just as excited as my babies to see me home at the beginning of the month. He knows when someone in the house is upset and tries to cheer them up with a big nudge. Not to mention all of the animals used in therapies and rescues. They're absolutely people too. Dogs and cats! Cats are just the stuck up ones in the house. ;)

What's the best beauty tip you have ever received?

"Don't use one color of eye shadow". I think this was from my aunt. I was in my early 20's and had bought a pallet of eye shadow, but my stubborn butt was only using one of the colors. I didn't realize the pallets were intended to blend together to create a better look. Also, "moisturize." After washing your face use a good moisturizer to keep your face looking youthful!

isn't she pretty?

What's your favorite board/card game to play and why?

Favorite board game is clue. I always like to be Ms. Scarlet because she's the pretty one. ;) LOL. I like trying to figure out the murder mystery. Favorite card game is Euchre. It's very similar to spades, but you only play with the 9 through Ace.

It's Saturday night and you have two choices: 1. To go out on the town with your Blogging Tribe and have a spectacular girls night. OR 2. To rent movies, pop popcorn, drink wine in your PJs at a Blogger Sleepover. Which would you choose and why?

Ooohh, both sound awesome. Can I pick both?? Just one? Ok... NUMBER ONE!
I'm a newly stay at home mom, and have had very little chances to go out on the town with my girls. I want to have a little fun, dance the night away, and enjoy the night! Plus who doesn't love a chance to dress up and look spectacular? Am I right?

Melissa Llama, Amanda, and Mel M circa 2008

You can learn more about Melissa and her sweet family here! Go say hi!

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