February 9, 2015

Praise for a Grateful Heart

There is victory in the Lord! Yes, my friends, there is. And my wonderful Husband made a very important commitment to God, to me, and to the world yesterday. Yesterday, a long with 3 others, Philip was baptized. You guys, I can't tell how how much joy this has provided, but it brought me to tears. I am so, so grateful for Jesus and His saving grace.

I am also grateful that Bear is doing so much better now after his "surgery" on Friday. #nomoreballs
Poor baby was so pitiful and lethargic until Sunday afternoon, but this morning he's almost back to his normal self.

In other news, I've installed two new Blog designs in the past couple weeks! The latest being Kendra's over at Kenji is Here. (I did Grady's over at Gradybird last week) The more I do them, the more I learn and it's a wonderful thing.

Kenji is Here - Blog Design by Amanda Wood Designs

Working with my clients is the best part of the design process. By having open communications with them, I have the privilege to get to know them beyond their blog content and comments. It's magical to bring their personalities to life with colors, fonts, and images. And their sweet words of praise just melt my heart and reassure me that my decision to start doing designs was a good one.

What are you grateful for this week?

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