February 6, 2015

Blogger Love is the BEST

I received a sweet, sweet text this morning from Faith and the conversation that was born from it really touched my heart. You see, Faith and I share a love for God and believe that He gives us what we need when He decides we need it. And that applies to people too!

God gave me my #Tribe when I was about to give up on finding friends here Missouri. My heart is overflowing with love and praise for the joy and support I receive from these lovely ladies. Then God went above and beyond and gave me my new friend Kaity. So, now I have my #Tribe everywhere I go, and Kaity here with me in person.

P.S. A little bird told me that Kaity might be joining us here in Blogland soon, though!

Ok, now it's time to share some of that love! These are some of my favorite posts from the past couple weeks:

How to Keep Track of Your Sponsors - The So-Called Homemaker
This post has literally saved me! I feel so much more organized because of Christine's idea. I was able to take her format, tweak it little to suit my needs, and BOOM perfection! #Adulting

Nutella Oreo Cheesecake - All the Joys
Need I say more?

Conversations & Blogger Love - The Adventures of Bug and Boo
Simply adorable.

Contentment - Life with Mrs. G and The Artist
This post is so beautiful, raw, and deep.

10 Ways You're Driving Your Spouse Crazy - The New Wifestyle
This post made me laugh so hard, but it's also kind of a wake up call. We need to be a bit more mindful of ourselves sometimes.

Valentine's Day Blogging Prompts - Love the Here and Now
These are perfect for the upcoming holiday! I've definitely got a few lined up myself.

5 Reasons I Will NEVER Return to Your Blog - The So-Called Homemaker
YES! 100% agree to all of these.

on that same note,
10 Blogging Kisses of Death - Sage
Again, YES!

And let's give a huge round of applause and Welcome back our favorite Llama to Blogland.
My New Normal - The Rambling Llama

What were your favorite posts this week?

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