February 25, 2015

Bear The Amazing Escape Artist + #BloggerMenTellAll

Let's get real today. Monday night I experienced what I think it might be like when parents lose track of their child in a store for a few minutes.

It started out like every Monday evening. We were about to get ready to go to bed, so I put Bear outside to potty while I took a bath. About half and hour later, all fresh and clean, I step outside to bring Bear back inside. I didn't see him and he didn't come running to me. OK, sometimes he's a lazy bum and stays lounging behind the shed. I walk out there and I still don't see him. Panic starts to set in. I pull his tie out line towards me and his collar is still attached to the end, but it's been unbuckled!

I sprinted inside and woke Hubs up. I was literally on the verge of tears, but my anxiety and worry took over. How long has he been gone? How did his collar get unbuckled? Which way did he wander off to? Has he been hit by a car? Did someone steal him?

Without complaint my amazing husband got out of bed and we went out to look for him. I drove around for ten minutes, probably pissing people off with my slow speed. It felt like HOURS! No luck. I don't know why, but I decided to drive back around our block, which is the usual route we take for walks, and I finally spotted Bear. Relief. My baby is ok. I called Hubs and he made his way over to where we were. With the help of some neighbors, we corralled Bear and got his collar back on him and into my car.

It's no secret that Hubs still has reservations about Bear, and his frustration was evident that night. He made a comment that upset me as we got back into bed. "If this happens again, we are getting rid of him." Heartbreak. A few minutes later I asked if he was serious about that comment, and he said yes. However, the next morning, after being able to calm back down, and put things inter perspective I received this text message. "Hey love, sorry about last night. Just to let you know, I'll never get rid of Bear 'cause I know how much he means to you."

This is how I know he loves me. This is why I love my Hubs more and more every single day. So I'm going to let you get to know him just a little bit better with these great questions from Becca at Becoming Adorrable for Blogger Men Tell All.

1. What is your favorite winter hobby?

Hubs: Staying warm.
Me: If I were to answer this for you, I would say Sleeping and Video Games.
Hubs: Sleeping isn't really a hobby. I cuddle a lot too.
Me: True.

2. Did you do anything special for your blogger on February 14th?

Hubs: Would that be you?
Me: Yeeessss.
Hubs: Yes. I surprised you with TWO boxes of candy and I cooked dinner for you.
Me: Yes you did. It was good steak too.

3. What’s your favorite kind of candy?

Hubs: Butterfingers and Reece's Pieces. Oh and Twix.
Me: Anything peanut butter.
Hubs: Twix isn't' peanut butter.
Me: I know, but the other two are.
Hubs: Butterfinger is peanut butter?
Me: It's supposed to sorta be like peanut butter.
Hubs: Oh.

*We had to pause here a moment because Bear and Pumpkin were demanding attention*

4. Which Rom-Com would you choose to watch while you snuggle up with your Valentine?

Hubs: Romantic Comedy?
Me: Yep.
Hubs: *Gets up to look at our DVD collection and wiggles his butt at me*
Me: *giggles*
Hubs: The Princess Bride.
Me: Why?
Hubs: It's got everything a chick wants and a guy wants all in one.
Me: Did you just call me a chick.
Hubs: I was just referring to women in general.

5. Who, in your opinion, is the best US president ever?

Hubs: I plead the 5th on this one.
Me: why?
Hubs: It's one thing you don't discuss, religion and politics.
Me: Alrighty then.

Me: Do you have anything else you want to add?
Hubs: That I love my beautiful bloggy, blogger, whatever. Oh you're the bloggER and I'm the blogg-EE.
Me: *Dying*

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