January 6, 2015

The Awesome Thing About Dogs

Awesome things about dogs

Today I am co-hosting this AWESOME link-up with Anne! And you know what? I couldn't be more excited! This link-up along with Emily's Grateful Heart really help me to stay optimistic and keep the good juices flowing.

We've had Bear now for just over a month and I think we're all settled in and finally used to each other. There are so many great things about him and about having a dog in general. And in true blogger fashion and because that's how this link-up works, we're doing this list style!

1. They are incredibly loyal.
Once you are a part of their pack, they will protect you and guard you and love you to pieces.

2. They provide excellent companionship.
Bear is always ready and willing for snuggles, kisses, cuddles, and walks.

3. Great foot warmers.
I don't know about your pets, but Bear likes to lay on my feet. And right now during this cold winter I do not mind at all. The cats will lay on us too and that helps keep our laps and hands warm.

4. A source of entertainment.
Bear does the funniest hop when he's excited to be outside. He looks like a lamb or a goat jumping about. I really really need to get this on video sometime.

5. Motivation to workout.
You have to exercise dogs, plain and simple. Otherwise they get into things they shouldn't and can possibly destroy your home. So they motivate you to get out and walk them. You're moving, they are moving. Win Win for both of you.

6. Decrease Blood Pressure.
Studies have shown that owning dogs and cats can help to reduce blood pressure, and symptoms of depression and anxiety. I actually did an entire research paper on the benefits of Therapy dogs in hospitals and nursing homes. But that's a post for another day.

7. They can alert you to intruders (and squirrels, falling leaves, and sometimes the wind blowing).
Even if you dog is friendly, they still know when something bad is happening. Many dogs bark when they hear people at your door or strange noises around your house. No one will ever come on to my property unannounced ever again.

8. They eat the food you drop on the floor.
Spill some cereal when pouring your bowl? Kids throwing their goldfish off the highchair? Have like two bites of food left on your plate but you are so full? No problem! Your dog will clean that up for you in a jiffy. Just don't over do it on human food! It can upset their tummies.

9. They attract people.
Seriously. More people have come up to talk to me while I'm walking him. One man even asked to take a picture of him! (he's a sweet old man who has a doggy too, not a creepy stalker guy!) Legit, if you are single, get yourself a dog and head to the dog park, local pet store, or even take a stroll through town. You are guaranteed to meet at least one person, and you know they will be a dog person cause that's why they are talking to you to begin with, and we all know dog people are the best kind of people. (my bad for that crazy run on sentence...)

10. They just ARE! ok? ok.

I love Bear so much, and Hubs is coming around slowly, but surely. I get so melty when I see them bonding. Favorite present EVER.

Check out Anne when you get a chance. And if you choose to sponsor her, you will NOT be the least bit sorry. I always enjoy my time on her sidebar and it's brought us closer together as bloggy friends.


What's Awesome in your life right now?

Love the Here and Now

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