January 2, 2015

Spreading Some Blogger Love

Happy First Friday of 2015!
Today is shed building day! I AM SO EXCITED! Saturday we'll be cleaning out and setting up the guest room and organizing the newly built shed. I feel like our shed needs a name or something. Suggestions?

I will definitely post an update on our shed and guest room project next week, but for now I'll leave you with some of my favorite posts from the past couple of weeks. What better way to start off this year than by linking up with Meagan to spread the love to my fellow bloggers!

New Year Mantra - Simply Complex Mom
Legit, this lady picked a great word for 2015. Now I just need to figure out what mine will be.

Finding a Dog Sitter - Becoming Adorrable
Having someone you can trust and rely on to take care of your furkids while you're away is so very important.

Goal Setting for People Who Usually Hate It  - The New Wifestyle
AND How to Pick a Word of the Year - The New Wifestyle
Chelsea hit the nail on the head with these two posts.

We Chose Giving - Chits & Giggles
Kristyn and her hubs chose to give to children in need rather than buy gifts for each other. I LOVE THIS.

All of the Re-Cap posts!
I loved seeing bloggers favorite or most popular posts from 2014. And the pictures, and the stories, and the events. It's so nice to play a little catch up on new-to-me bloggers and share memories with those I've been following for a while.
Meighan - The Meighan Project
Meagan - All the Joys
Tabitha - A Hundred Tiny Wishes
Ashley - That Southern Mama
Anne - Love the Here and Now
Kathy - Him & Me

Such wonderful posts. What were your favorites over the Holidays?

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