January 23, 2015

List Yourself #3 - Thoughts Before Falling Asleep

I'm the kind of person who gets sleepy while sitting on the couch, but as soon as I get up and go to bed I'm wide awake again and can't shut my brain off. Hubs on the other hand is out like a light as soon as his head hits the pillow. #jealous

Fair warning... this list may be long and probably a little silly.

List what usually goes through your mind just before you fall asleep.

"Dang it! I forgot to do [insert task here] today!"

"Ugh. Why can't Hubs keep his butt on his side of the bed?"

"What should I wear to school tomorrow?"

"I hope Llama is ok."

"My back hurts so bad right now. Should I take a muscle relaxer or just try and wait it out?"

"Dude. I just got comfy and now I have to pee."

*random noise in the house* "I hope that was the cats playing and not a crazed dog friendly murder."

"I have got to start working out again."

"Did I schedule out my social media posts for tomorrow?"

"I hope people like my post tomorrow. I worked really hard on it."

"Do my readers thing I'm funny? or do they think I'm stupid and trying to hard?"

"[insert color, pattern, or concept here] would be perfect for so&so's design. I have got to remember that tomorrow when I'm working on it."

"Why did Hubs look at me weird earlier tonight? I hope he was just tired or something. OMG! What if he's mad at me for something I don't even know I did? Or maybe he's mad because I forgot to do something... was there something I was supposed to do for him today?"

"I hope Bear let's me sleep until 7." (note: he's been waking me up earlier and earlier each morning.)

*looks at the time* "It's so late. Why can't I just fall asleep already?"

"That post I read this morning was really good. I should write a post like that sometime."

"Oh these cats are annoying right now. Why do that have to sleep in my foot space on the bed all the time? Why can't they sleep on Hubs' foot space sometimes?"

"Maybe if I lay really still and pretend to be sleeping I'll fall asleep."

Legit. This happens Every. Single. Night. Unless I've taken my pain meds and muscle relaxers for my back, which is rarely.

What goes through your mind when before you fall asleep?

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