January 30, 2015

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It's that time again! The 30th of the month means sharing more conversations! This link-up is so so fun and I love reading all the fun conversation you have with the people and pets around you. I definitely dropped the ball on reminding everyone about the link-up this time, but it's open through till next Friday so you have plenty of time to join me!

Today I'm bringing you one of the daily theatrics I am blessed to witness from my wonderful husband. He keeps me laughing, and I love it!

Pumpkin jumps on Hubs while he's laying on the couch and starts making biscuits on his chest.

Hubs: *in an overly dramatic voice* AAHHH I'm dying! Pumpkin is trying to murder me!

Me: You're not dying. She does that to me all the time and I'm still here.

Hubs: I'm already half dead. She's broken all my ribs and is shoving them in my internal organs!

Me: Oh my goodness! You are fine!

Hubs: *lets out a dramatic "final" breath* I'm dead.

Me: But you're still breathing.

Hubs: I breathe when I die. Shhhhh

Me: *laughing hysterically* Ok. Rest in Peace.

Have you had a conversation worth sharing lately? Share it with me below!

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