January 15, 2015

Conversations with...


A text conversation with my MO BFF Kaity over our Winter Break.

Me: I'm so ready for school to start

Kaity: Lol Yeah me too!! Just not today...I feel like I'm dying!

Me: Aww! Sick?
Oh! Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to youuuuu!
Happy Birthday k-k-k-Kaityyyyy!
Happy birthday toooooo youuuuuuu!
Pretend I'm singing that. 
*NOTE: her Birthday was Jan 5th*

Kaity: Yeah I have the flu... got it from work this past weekend.
LOL I love it! Thank you so much!

Me: Aww but you wore the sexy face mask!

Kaity: Bwahahaha! Yeah but I didn't on Thursday or Friday because I didn't know that some of them had the flu already and I got it anyway.. blahhh

Me: Yuck! Well. Lots of fluids and NyQuil and Oj and stuff.

Kaity: I can't keep anything down and unfortunately it's coming from both ends. Sorry if that takes it too far.

Me: Not phased. But that so sucks. Still though, stay hydrated. Get some smart water. It's got electrolytes in it. 

Kaity: That sounds good. I haven't had the smarty water before. Mom says it won't ever help me because I'm a blonde LOL.
*NOTE: She's not blonde anymore, so this makes her a Pineapple Head. Blonde on the inside and brown on the outside*

Me: Bahahaha!

This is why she and I are friends. #noshame

Plus Tuesday, our Psychology professor thought we were sisters. #sistersatheart

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