December 10, 2014

Through The Lens - November Moments

I was tagged on Instagram by Kristen at Treats and Travels to showcase my favorite photos from November for her Through The Lens Link-up. I loved this idea and I finally got around to doing this post today, better late than never right? School has been keeping me so busy lately, that I almost forgot about it. There were so many wonderful photos to choose from, but I narrowed it down to my absolute favs for you. There's a little story behind each one too!

1. I was snapchatting a few friends and took an amazing selfie. I just had to save it. Sometimes you get the best ones when you aren't trying too hard.

2. Being a Psychology major, I have to write paper ALL. THE. TiME. This sometimes takes away attention from my fur kids, and they do not like that at all. These two snuggle bugs figured out how to get some mommy time while I was finishing up a mid-term paper.

3. Early on in the month I found on that I made the Dean's List!! Now I have proof that I'm smart!

4. My new addiction to Peppermint Mochas at home. *insert heart eyes emoji here* I didn't realize that this creamer was so amazing. I'm glad it jumped into my cart that day at the store.

5. Hubs and I have a date night each week, usually the same day we go to the grocery store. Sometimes I make him stop and pose for a picture. Got a good one this time!

6. After adopting Bear, I realized that he is the perfect motivation for me to get up and get moving more. So now we have a sweet little walk schedule that is benefiting us both!

7. I snapped this little gem the day we adopted Bear. We were waiting for the ok to go meet him, when Pumpkin decided she wanted under the blanket with Hubs.

8. This is my favorite picture right now. One morning, we were taking our usual route, and Bear just stopped. Then I turned around and saw this sunrise. He turned a bit and just stood there very still. It was like he was telling me to take this picture.

What were your favorite photos of November?

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