December 12, 2014

My Top 12 Photos from 2014

So I love taking pictures and when Chelsea announced that she was hosting a link-up featuring your 12 favorite photos from 2014 I was all in! (you can see her post here)

These are my absolute fav moments and photos of those moments of 2014.

From the top left going clockwise around the center.

January: It's so beautiful when it snows here, and this just happened to be my first snow in Missouri.

February: We celebrate Love in February. These two cuddle bugs taught me how to be more loving and affectionate in my own relationships.

March: WE GOT ENGAGED! and it marked the first year of us "officially" dating.


May: I made a solo trip to Georgia to visit my mom for Mother's Day.

June: I started school again. Bachelors Degree, here I come!

July: Philip is warming up to taking more pictures with me when I ask him too. And sometimes we get amazing little gems like this one.

August: My birthday month! Good Grades, New Dress, and My first attempt (and fail) at being a fashion blogger.

September: Philip's birthday month! We made a trip down to Georgia to visit my parents, and Mom and I threw a little surprise party for Philip and her Husband (they share a birthday!)

October: Trying on funny costume pieces in Target. I have to figure out how to make shopping more fun for Hubs.

November: It's starting to get cold again, so the babies are being more snuggly.

December: Bear. My early Christmas present.

What are you top 12 memories and photos from this year?

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