December 15, 2014

Conversations with...

... Bear

What? You know you have conversations with your pets too. It's a regular occurrence at my house. And now that we have Bear I get to flaunt my crazy on the streets of this tiny Missouri town.

One of the stipulations in Hubs letting us adopt Bear was that I would be the primary caregiver (like he is for the cats) and I agreed. So, that means I walk him more often than not, and honestly, I am totally fine with that (hello workout motivation!). During our walks Bear and I get to have our own little conversations. I know that not everyone speaks dog, so I'll translate for you.

Me: Come on Bear, time to go potty.

Bear: *wags tail and walks to the door* (translation: Yay! Let's go, Mom!)

Me: *lightly tugs on the leash* Come on Booger Butt, we're going this way today.

Bear: *pulls me back the other way a bit* (translation: But Mom! I have to check out this tree!)

Me: We'll check out that tree on the way back. Come on.

Bear: *gives in and walks with me* (translation: Fine...)

Me: *pats his head* Good boy.

Bear: *stops at a bush and pees* (translation: I just gotta leave a message for Ramsey {the neighbor's dog} real quick)

Me: *waits*

Bear: *continues to walk with me, but constantly trying to roam into people's yards* (translation: I wonder who lives here, and here, and here, and here.)

Me: No, Bear, that's not our yard.

Bear: *spots a lady on her morning run and gets excited jumping and wagging his tail* (translation: LOOK MOM! A person! Do you think they want to play with me?)

Me: Calm down Booger. She doesn't want to play with you.

Bear: *watches her pass and bows his head down to continue our walk* (translation: Dang. Maybe next time.)

Me: *continues walking and lets him poop* Okay Bear, let's turn around.

Bear: *stops dead in his tracks* (translation: But I'm not ready to go home yet.)

Me: Bear, Let's go. *tugs on leash and makes that click sound you make to your pets*

Bear: *very slowly walks with me* (translation: Fine...)

We're almost home at this point.

Bear: *spots a squirrel and tries to take off running after it* (translation: SQUIRREL!)

Me: *plants my feet and pulls him back* No, Bear! You can't get that squirrel! Now calm down and let's go home.

Bear: *walks with me again, still slowly but stopping to check out signs and trees and bushes* (translation: Fine, but I need to check my messages)

Me: *opens the front door* Okay Booger Butt, in you go.

Bear: *plops down on his bed in the living room* (translation: Man, I'm beat. Time for a nap)

Do you talk to your pets?

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