December 31, 2014

See Ya Later 2014!

As I was reading my Blogroll this morning, I kept seeing all of these wonderful Year in Review posts. Meagan even posted her top 10 most viewed posts according to Blogger. A lot of them feature pictures and lists of events. Cherie even posted a pros and cons list of her 2014. You know what I saw? That even though all of the not so great stuff, everyone was still very happy and grateful for what they have and where they are in life.

In true blogger fashion, this got me thinking about my own year. Despite all the mild setbacks (mostly with school) my yeah has been pretty kick ass. So I've decided to choose my favorite post from each month that tells our story.

January - How I Got to Missouri
This is easily the question I get asked most when people find out I'm not from here.

February - My Proverbial Marriage Clock is Ticking
I totally called it! I so predicted I would get married this year by accident!

March - 8 Things I Learned from Failed Relationships
Yep. The ones that go wrong teach you a lot too!

April - He Asked...
I got engaged!

April/May - Sadie Sadie
An extra post because I got married and didn't tell anyone for a whole month!

May- 30 before 30
I updated this list today! I think I'm doing pretty good so far.

June - An Interview with Philip
Hubs first interview on the blog. I'm dying just re-reading it!

July - A Little About Me
A post about random things about me and my life.

August - I May Choose to NOT Reproduce
Yep. We are leaning towards not having any kids.

September - Conversations
The introduction to my awesome link-up featuring conversations you have with the people in your life that are so worth sharing. (P.S. It's not too late to get in on the latest one! it's open all week!)

October - Premarital Cohabitation  AND  List Yourself
Two for this month because it's my blog and I'll do what I want.

November - Wishes DO Come True
Legit. This month was one of the hardest to choose a favorite post. But I managed.

December - Things I'll Never Say Sorry For
Yep. #SorryNotSorry

What were your favorite posts from Knock on Wood (or Peaches in Missouri) this year?

I also want to wish everyone the happiest of New Years and I'm looking forward to what God has planned for all of us in 2015.

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December 30, 2014

Conversations AND Blogger Men Tell All: December

I simply love this linkup with Becca each month for two reasons. First because the questions are always great and never fail to inspire some interesting conversation between Hubs and I. Second because it usually falls around the second Conversations Link-up date (the 15th and 30th of each month). So that means you guys get a two-fer!

Here are this month's questions.

What is one thing you really wanted for Christmas this year?
Hubs: a PS4
Me: *giggles* Sorry you couldn't get it though.
Hubs: It's alright.
Me: You did you to get some new games for your PS3 this year though.
Hubs: Yeah.
Me: Is that not good enough?
Hubs: Yeah. It was. We didn't have a bad Christmas at all.

Does your family generally do Christmas Eve or Christmas Day celebrations?
Hubs: Christmas Day.
Me: What did you guys normally do before I was in the picture?
Hubs: Cook some food. Open presents. Eat. Relax.
Me: So like, the same thing we did this year.
Hubs: Pretty Much

What is your favorite part about the holidays?
Hubs: Getting together with people and eating all the food.
Me: Anything else?
Hubs: Nah, that's about it.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?
Hubs: I don't really have one.
Me: Really?
Hubs: Yeah. I've never made one.
Me: Well, do you have any goals you want to accomplish this year.
Hubs: Get a new refrigerator and get a shed for the backyard. Maybe get a few bills paid off.
Me: Those are pretty good.

Where will you be at the start of 2015?
Hubs: Probably asleep. It's pretty hard for me to get past 8 PM
Me: Laughing because it's so true.
Hubs: I need my beauty sleep!

Me: Anything else you want to add?
Hubs: I get a lot of days off, and that's pretty awesome.
Me: It's been nice to have you home this much.
Hubs: Yep, it's really nice.

We did have a really good holiday and I'm sure the coming weekend will be just as great! We are supposed to be getting the base gravel for our shed brought over on New Year's. Once that is in place and settled, we'll be able to buy and build our shed. That means I can clean out all the storage stuff in our second bedroom, and finish putting it together. I'll have a real guest room/office and I'm so freaking excited! The shed will also be a much better place to store our paint cans, car stuff, and our lawnmower. I guess this makes me a little bit more of an adult, huh? Being so excited about a shed.

Also, I want to leave you with this little gem. Let me set the scene for you though. We're laying in bed facing away from each other, about to try and fall asleep. Misty and Pumpkin jump on the bed to settle in with us. Pumpkin chooses a spot balancing on my side, and Misty chooses her signature spot between our butts.

Me: She just loves sitting near our butts.

Hubs: Mmm Hmm

Me: Maybe she does that cause our sleeping farts keep her warm.

Hubs: That's a plausible explanation.

Me: *giggles hard enough to wiggle Pumpkin off*

You can also find me over at Love The Here and Now today! I'm taking over for Anne to share some inside information about Amanda Wood Designs! Pssst! There's a discount code over there for you too! >>> CLICK HERE <<<

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December 29, 2014

Grateful Heart for the Holidays

Welcome back to bogland! I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday and that Santa brought you at least one thing you really really wanted this year. I kinda took a little blog vacay this Christmas #SorryNotSorry, so I will be extending my sponsors' time on my sidebar for a week. If you'd like to see your face on my sidebar too use the code CHRISTMAS to get 30% off the Mahogany Ad spot until December 31st. #ShamelessPlug (You can also get 50% off all Blog Designs using the code HOLIDAYS here --> Amanda Wood Designs)

I have so much to be grateful for today. Hubs was able to be home A LOT over the past week and I was relishing that time to spend with him. Yesterday, we literally just lounged on the couch all day watching TV or playing our new video game. It. Was. Awesome. He took me to Jefferson City to go shopping TWICE, and I got to eat Chipolte and Chick-fil-a while we were up there.

Teaching my parents how to Skype has really been fun. Now they want to do it all the time, which is so great! I don't feel quite as homesick when I can see their faces.

Hubs found out he's getting a raise at the start of the year.
I'm going to have several school friends in my classes next session.
I have an eye appointment today, so I won't be all squinty anymore.

TOMORROW is the next day to link up and share your Conversations! I know you guys had some good ones over the Holiday!

We had a wonderful time and got many things on our wish lists. Including a possible shed for our back yard, which means I'll be able to finish the guest bedroom!

What are you grateful for today?

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December 24, 2014

Christmas Wishes

Tomorrow is Christmas and we have a busy day planned. Skyping with my parents in the morning because they want to see us open our gifts, followed by lunch and presents with the in-laws, then FaceTiming with my brothers and sisters later in the evening.

My wish for you this holiday season is that you have a wonderful Christmas with your families, but to always remember what Christmas is really about: Love.

Merry Christmas!

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December 22, 2014

Grateful Heart

Today I am grateful for this link-up, for Emily for starting this link-up, and for everyone who has participated in this link-up. It has brought so much joy and tons of positive juju into my life. Inspired by this Grateful Heart celebration each Monday, I started asking my husband four questions each night as we lay in bed, and then I share my answers with him.

1. What are you most grateful for today?

2. What is something good someone did for you today?
(this could be anything from someone making you laugh, to buying you lunch)

3. What is something good you did for someone today?

4. What do you appreciate about me today?

And once a week we ask each other "What can I do to make our lives and our relationship better?"

I feel like this simple thing has brought us closer together and has encouraged us to focus more on the positive things in our lives rather than the negative. It has helped us be more positive with each other, and gives us a chance to have an intimate moment to share our love. And I am so grateful for that.

What are you grateful for today?

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December 19, 2014

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

You guys. It snowed yesterday and Bear just had the best time playing in it! I am so glad he's not afraid of it and that his body is built for the cold weather we have here in Missouri. If he were to lay down he'd be at camouflage level expert.

But today is Friday and on Fridays you can share your favorite blog posts that you read this week by linking up with Meagan from All The Joys. I love this link-up because I have found so many amazing bloggers through it. If you haven't linked up with Meagan, you totally should!

Here are my favs from the past couple weeks.

The 2014 recap posts! 
It's so wonderful to be able to go back in your archives and relive all the amazing moments you had throughout the year. This one is mine >>> here <<< but these bloggers did one too!

Cassie - That Sage Blog
Chelsea - The New Wifestyle
Tabitha - A Hundred Tiny Wishes

10 Ways Kids and Animals Are The Same
Kristyn from Chits & Giggles and Tabitha from A Hundred Tiny Wishes teamed up this week for this post. I 100% AGREE!!!

DIY Insulated Cat Shelter
If you have an outside kitty, this post from Cherie at The Pink Nightmare is just for you! Kitties do get cold even though they have fluffy fur.

Seriously guys, this linkup with Faith at Life with Mrs. G and the Artist is so much fun! I encourage you to participate if you don't already, and to check out all the people who linked up this month to talk about Christmas!

What are you favorite posts this week?

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December 17, 2014

Grateful Heart, Wed Wishes, & Monthly Musings: Dec

The Rambling Llama

I know I'm late for all of these link-ups (Grateful Heart, Wednesday Wishes, and Monthly Musings), but I'm not really sorry about it. I had my finals yesterday and if you follow me on Twitter, you'll know I was boobs deep in books and notes for the past few days.

I love this time of year. It's full of joy, giving, and wonderful sights, tastes, and sounds. It's always been my favorite because my whole family gathers in one place at the same time. That almost never happens for anything else. This year, however, Philip and I will not be able to join them in person. I did make my mom download Skype on her tablet so we can video chat on Christmas morning while we open gifts.

There is so much to be thankful and grateful for in my life. If you've been around these parts for a while, especially on Mondays, you'll know that I like to focus on the good stuff rather than the bad. It helps me to stay positive and not get pulled down into a depressive state... my fluffy furkids help in that department too.

I am glad to have a break from school for a few weeks over this Holiday Season. I am glad that Hubs gets Christmas and New Year's Day off from work. I am glad that he took a half day off today to take me to see The Hobbit *insert happy dance here* I am so so so so glad to know that I made an A in my speech class and I am confident that I made an A in my Psychology class as well. I am glad that my mom is excited for us to receive the gifts she has sent us. I am glad that I found a tripod and remote capture for taking photos with my phone! I am glad that Hubs likes the gifts I found for him. I am glad Bear has done so well in our home. I am glad for you, my lovely readers. Without you I might have given up on this space a few months ago. Without you, I would not have met so many wonderful people.

I hope everyone has as much to be thankful and grateful for as me this year. #IWinThisThursday

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December 15, 2014

Conversations with...

... Bear

What? You know you have conversations with your pets too. It's a regular occurrence at my house. And now that we have Bear I get to flaunt my crazy on the streets of this tiny Missouri town.

One of the stipulations in Hubs letting us adopt Bear was that I would be the primary caregiver (like he is for the cats) and I agreed. So, that means I walk him more often than not, and honestly, I am totally fine with that (hello workout motivation!). During our walks Bear and I get to have our own little conversations. I know that not everyone speaks dog, so I'll translate for you.

Me: Come on Bear, time to go potty.

Bear: *wags tail and walks to the door* (translation: Yay! Let's go, Mom!)

Me: *lightly tugs on the leash* Come on Booger Butt, we're going this way today.

Bear: *pulls me back the other way a bit* (translation: But Mom! I have to check out this tree!)

Me: We'll check out that tree on the way back. Come on.

Bear: *gives in and walks with me* (translation: Fine...)

Me: *pats his head* Good boy.

Bear: *stops at a bush and pees* (translation: I just gotta leave a message for Ramsey {the neighbor's dog} real quick)

Me: *waits*

Bear: *continues to walk with me, but constantly trying to roam into people's yards* (translation: I wonder who lives here, and here, and here, and here.)

Me: No, Bear, that's not our yard.

Bear: *spots a lady on her morning run and gets excited jumping and wagging his tail* (translation: LOOK MOM! A person! Do you think they want to play with me?)

Me: Calm down Booger. She doesn't want to play with you.

Bear: *watches her pass and bows his head down to continue our walk* (translation: Dang. Maybe next time.)

Me: *continues walking and lets him poop* Okay Bear, let's turn around.

Bear: *stops dead in his tracks* (translation: But I'm not ready to go home yet.)

Me: Bear, Let's go. *tugs on leash and makes that click sound you make to your pets*

Bear: *very slowly walks with me* (translation: Fine...)

We're almost home at this point.

Bear: *spots a squirrel and tries to take off running after it* (translation: SQUIRREL!)

Me: *plants my feet and pulls him back* No, Bear! You can't get that squirrel! Now calm down and let's go home.

Bear: *walks with me again, still slowly but stopping to check out signs and trees and bushes* (translation: Fine, but I need to check my messages)

Me: *opens the front door* Okay Booger Butt, in you go.

Bear: *plops down on his bed in the living room* (translation: Man, I'm beat. Time for a nap)

Do you talk to your pets?

Knock on Wood

December 12, 2014

My Top 12 Photos from 2014

So I love taking pictures and when Chelsea announced that she was hosting a link-up featuring your 12 favorite photos from 2014 I was all in! (you can see her post here)

These are my absolute fav moments and photos of those moments of 2014.

From the top left going clockwise around the center.

January: It's so beautiful when it snows here, and this just happened to be my first snow in Missouri.

February: We celebrate Love in February. These two cuddle bugs taught me how to be more loving and affectionate in my own relationships.

March: WE GOT ENGAGED! and it marked the first year of us "officially" dating.


May: I made a solo trip to Georgia to visit my mom for Mother's Day.

June: I started school again. Bachelors Degree, here I come!

July: Philip is warming up to taking more pictures with me when I ask him too. And sometimes we get amazing little gems like this one.

August: My birthday month! Good Grades, New Dress, and My first attempt (and fail) at being a fashion blogger.

September: Philip's birthday month! We made a trip down to Georgia to visit my parents, and Mom and I threw a little surprise party for Philip and her Husband (they share a birthday!)

October: Trying on funny costume pieces in Target. I have to figure out how to make shopping more fun for Hubs.

November: It's starting to get cold again, so the babies are being more snuggly.

December: Bear. My early Christmas present.

What are you top 12 memories and photos from this year?

December 11, 2014

The Golden Vlog: Christmas Edition

No that is not my mantle, but oh how I wish that it was. I saw this at the resort I was at on Friday night. My friend Kaity invited me to crash her mom's Christmas party, it sounded fun, so I went. We had a great time! Anywho. Let's get to the reason you came here today.

This is my first time linking up with Faith for The Golden Vlog Series. After seeing everyone's videos last month, I gave in and decided to join. I hope you guys like it!

If you are having trouble viewing the video click  >>> here <<<

Have a super wonderful day and an even better weekend!

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December 10, 2014

Through The Lens - November Moments

I was tagged on Instagram by Kristen at Treats and Travels to showcase my favorite photos from November for her Through The Lens Link-up. I loved this idea and I finally got around to doing this post today, better late than never right? School has been keeping me so busy lately, that I almost forgot about it. There were so many wonderful photos to choose from, but I narrowed it down to my absolute favs for you. There's a little story behind each one too!

1. I was snapchatting a few friends and took an amazing selfie. I just had to save it. Sometimes you get the best ones when you aren't trying too hard.

2. Being a Psychology major, I have to write paper ALL. THE. TiME. This sometimes takes away attention from my fur kids, and they do not like that at all. These two snuggle bugs figured out how to get some mommy time while I was finishing up a mid-term paper.

3. Early on in the month I found on that I made the Dean's List!! Now I have proof that I'm smart!

4. My new addiction to Peppermint Mochas at home. *insert heart eyes emoji here* I didn't realize that this creamer was so amazing. I'm glad it jumped into my cart that day at the store.

5. Hubs and I have a date night each week, usually the same day we go to the grocery store. Sometimes I make him stop and pose for a picture. Got a good one this time!

6. After adopting Bear, I realized that he is the perfect motivation for me to get up and get moving more. So now we have a sweet little walk schedule that is benefiting us both!

7. I snapped this little gem the day we adopted Bear. We were waiting for the ok to go meet him, when Pumpkin decided she wanted under the blanket with Hubs.

8. This is my favorite picture right now. One morning, we were taking our usual route, and Bear just stopped. Then I turned around and saw this sunrise. He turned a bit and just stood there very still. It was like he was telling me to take this picture.

What were your favorite photos of November?

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December 8, 2014

{Grateful Heart} List 25

Today I am grateful for my life, but more so for the things that make me want to wake up each day and be a better person than I was the day before. This list prompt from my List Yourself Challenge was perfect for today's Grateful Heart post.

25. List the real reasons you are inspired to stay alive.

My husband. He's a huge part of why I keep going every day. I have no idea how I made it before meeting him, and I have no desire to find out what life would be like without him now. (Lord knows what he'd do without me!)

My Family. I love them so much and knowing that they will always be there for me is such a great comfort. Plus, they have to love me. Haha!

My furkids. They are like real kids for me and Hubs. They are as much apart of our family as a tiny human would be. 

Pumpkin // Bear // Misty

My Friends. They are the family you get to choose for yourself. 

Chocolate. Hi, My name is Amanda and I'm a Chocoholic.

Music. It makes you feel. It makes you dance. It makes you grow.

Writing. It's such a wonderful expression. I always feel lighter when I complete a post, finish a paper, or sign a Thank You note. 

What makes you get out of bed each morning? What are you grateful for each day?

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December 5, 2014

Spreading Some Blogger Love

This link-up with Megan is a great way to find new blogs to read. I have found quite a few visiting other's lists of great posts from the week. And a few of those bloggers made my list this week! So lets here it for them!

Hey Kerri Blog - Technology
I was thankful for texting this week, and Kerri took it one step farther and is grateful for technology as a whole. It's a wonderful thing, but you gotta know your limits.

The Rambling Llama - Drinking, Pie Eating, and Hair Cutting
Legit. Melissa's family could be my own (and vice versa). This girl is like part of my family and I am in hers, so it's natural for me to miss her mom almost as much as I miss mine! Plus there was PIE and WINE.

Hello Rigby {Guest Post on Becoming Adorrable} - 10 Ways My Dog Embarrasses Me
YES. We've only had Bear for a short while, but I can already relate. I'm thinking at Cat themed post like this should come next.

Chits and Giggles - Book Review: The Giver
I read this book back in middle school, and I remember liking it a lot. Since the movie came out not too long ago, I've been itching to read it again. And today Kristyn revealed that this books is actually part of a series, count me in!

I'm going to add everyone who linked up with me (Emily, Jenn, and Melissa) for #MyConversations on Sunday. I love reading these little bits of your lives and seeing your personalities shine through in the conversations you have with others. Please keep linking-up!! #ImNosey  Visit my post (here) and click all the links! ALL. OF. THEM!

Speaking of Kerri, she's been hanging out on my sidebar this month, and I just wanted to take a moment to tell you a bit more about her. So take it away Kerri!

 photo IMG_3757_zpsf2924334.png
Hey everyone! I'm Kerri and I blog over at Hey Kerri Blog. What is HKB you ask? Just a typical lifestyle blog ran by a 23 year old residing in Halifax, Nova Scotia. During the day you can find me working behind a computer in finance and trying to convince my manager leggings fall under business casual. On the weekends you can find me dragging my friends on some kind of adventure or binge watching a television show on Netflix while eating Chinese.
On the blog you will find my ramblings on a wide variety of topics including; beauty, travel, food, gadgets and so much more. Who knows, maybe one day I'll try my hand at what some people refer to as "cooking".

What blogs did you love this week??

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December 4, 2014

Things I'll Never Say Sorry For

We, as women, apologize far too often for things we shouldn't. This article (here) talks about a study that shows in comparison to men, women perceive that they have committed an offensive act that warrants an apology more often. And most of the time, these "offensive acts" are not really offensive at all. Thank you Pantene, for starting this #ShineStrong campaign so women can be #SorryNotSorry and not feel bad about it.

If you are having trouble viewing the video click here.

So, here's my list of things I'll never say sorry for.

1. Being happy about my successes - Yeah, I got a better grade than you, but I'm not going to feel guilty about it. Yeah, I made the Dean's List and you didn't, I'm not going to feel guilty about it. Yeah, I got the last donut. #SorryNotSorry

2. My car or house is not being spotless 24/7 - Dude. I have a life and sometimes it doesn't leave time to deep clean every single day. Plus, I have three furbabies that like to make messes and shed everywhere. #SorryNotSorry

3. My relationship with my husband is amazing - My relationship has nothing to do with yours. We aren't being happy together just to spite you. #SorryNotSorry

4. We don't really want kids - Nope. We like our lives the way they are now. And the world is becoming entirely too overpopulated as it is. What's awesome, is that our families support this decision and are not pressuring us at all. #SorryNotSorry

5. Eating what I want to eat - Although we do eat a pretty balanced diet and I don't let myself overindulge, I simply cannot deny myself chocolate and cheese. Portion control is key! If that makes me look like a fatty (cause I kids am one) then so be it. #SorryNotSorry

What's on your list #SorryNotSorry list?

December 2, 2014

An Awesome List #16

There are so many Awesome things about life and thanks to Anne, there's a link-up just for sharing those awesome things! 

Today, we'll be a two-fer though! I'm also doing a #ListYourself post! (Be sure to check out there other lists from the #ListYourself link-up as well located at the bottom of this post!)

#16 List the quotes you find yourself spouting. 

And if I'm spouting a quote, It's going to be awesome, just saying. So here are a ten Pinable (you're welcome) quotes I think or say a lot, that are just too awesome not to share.

Good stuff there right? We can learn so much from others if we just listen and absorb what they tell us. 

What's on your Awesome List today?

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