November 26, 2014

Wishes Do Come True: Meet Bear

I have been working on Philip for a few months now to get a dog. I love dogs, he's not a huge dog fan, but he said that IF we got a dog it would be a big dog. So I would periodically look at craigslist, petfinder, and the local shelters websites to see what was out there and occasionally I would send a picture of one to Hubs. It wasn't working on him. He doesn't get the same warm and fuzzies from looking at doggie pictures like most people. Until yesterday.

I was Snapchatting with my friend Kaity and we ended up talking about pets. She just recently had to put her dog down because she got cancer and has been kind down about it, but her sister has promised to get her a new pup once she finishes Med-School (yeah, I have really smart friends). And I told her that I keep asking for a doggie, but Philip keeps saying "no" or "not right now."

Inspired, I checked craigslist. Where I found an ad for a "Free Great Pyrenees." I was Shocked. FREE? Curious, I clicked the ad and there he was.

I fell in love instantly. He was so big and a child was laying on him, and just look at that happy face!! I took a screenshot and sent it right over to Hubs saying "Pleeeeeaaaassssseeeeeeeeeeeeee," then I proceeded to email with the owner of this beautiful dog. They call him Brutus, he is completely house trained, he's calm, shy around cats, and good with other dogs and kids. The more she told me about Brutus, the more I just knew he was the perfect dog for our family.  When Hubs finally responded to the plethora of text I was sending him about this gorgeous dog, all he could say was "wow." Once Hubs got home and I talked to him about it more, he agreed that we could go meet Brutus since he was located in the same town we live in.

We got to their house and I was a goner. Brutus was so gentle and sweet. We talked to the family and discovered they were having to re-home Brutus because they were going to be given a service dog for their 3 year old son who has Type 1 Diabetes and due to the rules with service dogs, you cannot have another dog in the house. Such a blessing for them, but it was bittersweet. I was so touched by their story, I knew we were doing the right thing in adopting Brutus from them because we live so close and their son could come visit Brutus whenever he wants. The emotion from them when we were walking out the door with Brutus and all his things was evident. They loved him and would miss him dearly, but they were also happy that Brutus was going to such a good home.

We got Brutus home and I was looking at him and thinking about his name. It didn't suit him. I said something to Philip about it, and we decided we could change it, but it needed to be something similar to Brutus. That's when I remembered that his previous family called him a big snuggled polar bear. Bear. That was it, the perfect name for this ginormous, sweet, fluffy dog.

Our cats were not very happy with us at first, but towards the end of the night Pumpkin was getting braver, but they both were keeping a very watchful eye on Bear. This morning, Pumpkin seems like her normal self, but Misty is still weary and cautious. I don't think it will take long for them to get acclimated to each other since Bear doesn't bother them at all. Like, he has absolutely ZERO interest in them, and I think it's helped so much.

I simply adore Bear and I just know that Philip will fall in love with him soon, just like I did. And since today is Wednesday, and since I got my wish, I have a wish for you. I wish that if you haven't already found the perfect furbabies for your family, that you do soon. They add so much love and cuddles and happiness into the home, how could you not want one?!

What's the adoption story behind your pet?

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