November 13, 2014

List Yourself - List #2

Happy Thursday! It's still cold in these parts and will continue to get colder with possible SNOW on Saturday!! Our first snow of the year, much to the disdain of everyone else in the state. I may be the only one excited about it. Anywho. I bring you the second list from my List Yourself Challenge today.

Knock on Wood - List Yourself

List all those restrictions, from stop signs to gravity, that you can't stand living with.

>>> Calories. Like seriously? Why are those a thing?

>>> The 140 character count on Twitter. Sometimes I just need a few more. Just a few!

>>> The fact that you must have a child with you to get into LegoLand in Kansas City. I like legos too! And besides, we all know I'm still a 12 year old a heart.

>>> Can someone invent never ending cell phone, tablet, and laptop batteries please!!

>>> Dear Cancer. Legit, I need for you stop trying to steal my best friend. She doesn't like you; actually, no one does. So if you could like disappear that would be great. Sincerely, Amanda.

>>> I'm still waiting on someone to invent a teleportation machine so I can go see my mommy whenever I want to.

>>> Why won't Hubs let me have a doggie? WHY?? Who can resist these adorable faces??

What are somethings that are holding you back from what you really want to do?

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