November 6, 2014

List Yourself #1

Names. It's how we identify ourselves to others. How we know someone is referring to us and how we refer to them. Most parents put a lot of thought into choosing a name for their child, but you can't always predict nicknames; the good ones or the bad ones. Sometimes a nickname may just be a title or a variation of your given name, a term of endearment. But sometimes a nickname is given to hurt someone and make them feel less than. Today I am sharing all the names (that I can remember) that I have ever been called with some short explanations for each.

Amanda - I mean... it is my name.

Amanda Nicole - It's what I go by here in Blogland. There are so many Amandas out there too!

Manda - Most of the people in my life nip off that first "A", because two syllables are easier than three.

Family Nicknames
Mandy - Only my Grandmommy is allowed to call me this and that's because I don't have the heart to tell her I hate it.

Manda Pete - My mom used to call me this when I was really little. Every now and then she'll write it on a birthday card or something though.

Manna/Mannadoos - Mom calls me this now a lot, usually in her cutesy cat voice too.

Dee-duh - When my youngest brother was a toddler, he could say "Amanda" properly and this is what came out instead. He's pretty much forgotten about it now, but we sometimes bring it up when we tell old stories.

Sissy - My sisters both still call me this sometimes. I've always loved it. Makes me feel close to them even when I can't be.

Relationship Nicknames
Babe/Baby - A few exes called me this. It's pretty generic and it was never my favorite.

Love - My hubs calls me this all the time.

Wifey - This too!

Mrs. Wood - This one is my favorite now. I love when strangers refer to me this way.

Nicknames from friends and coworkers
Manda Panda - One of my middle school friends would call me this a lot. I guess because it rhymed? 

Amander - An old boss somehow started this one, but it fizzled out after a while.

Nicole - In my french classes I went by my middle name (because it's french). After two years of this, I still look around if I hear it.

Amy - Another old boss would always call me this instead of Amanda because he said I looked like and Amy. What do you think? 

Bestie - because I am!! (looking at you Melissa and Kathy!)

Amanda-Hug-n-Kiss - Some of the people I used to work with would tease me with this one. It's the name of a doll from the 90s I think.

Snicklefritz - This is a recent one. Kay (from The Best of Intentions) discovered this term (here) and I took it and ran with it. Now it's what we call each other.

Seraffine/Sera - Confused? I bet. This is name I gave to my character in the game I played when I met Philip, so that's what my gamer friends know me as.

The bad ones
Pudge - A guy in high school started calling me this when I began to gain a little weight. It really hurt my feelings, but I pretended it didn't bother me. Thankfully it never caught on too much and after freshman year I never heard it again.

Bitch - I can't tell you how many times I've been called this because I stand up for myself and won't back down when I know I am right. Also by men on the street because I wouldn't stop and talk to them. However it's also a name I call myself when I feel like I am going to far. 

Fat - I call myself this a lot and I should probably stop. But I can't, because it's true. I know I need to lose some weight

Crazy - I have been called "crazy girlfriend" and "crazy ex-girlfriend." Why? Because I have emotions and I show them. Because I care and worry a lot. Because I have a psychological disorder called Chronic Depression. 

What names were/are you called?

If you use any of the prompts from the List Yourself Challenge (you can find the prompts here), don't forget to add your post link to the linky list either here or on the List Yourself Page --> here! I will be checking it all the time!

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