November 21, 2014

Link Your Ink

I was so excited when Cassie announced this link-up. I love seeing people's tattoos and hearing the stories behind them. The meaning behind my tattoo is a favorite of mine to tell, but let's start with the story about how it got on my wrist to begin with.

I had been wanting a tattoo since I was about 16. My mom had just gotten hers, and I desperately wanted a butterfly on my shoulder. But alas, I was too young. So I waited. A few years pass, and my tattoo dreams where still strong. I had the chance once, but I totally chickened out. Good thing too because I would be stuck with a generic pink butterfly on my shoulder.

Fast forward to my early twenties. I no longer want a butterfly, I want the word "faith" on my wrist. I would doodle it there in pen while I was at work, I tried out different fonts, I researched tattoo shops, but you have to have money to get one and I was fresh out. Rent, food, and bills kinda take priority. Adult responsibilities suck sometimes.

In my mid twenties I was introduced to wonderful time suck world of Pinterest. There I found so many beautiful tattoos and pinned them all! One day I came across the perfect tattoo design that took my little idea up a notch. I saved it to my phone and daydreamed about the day I had the spare cash to get it. Then my tattoo godmother (aka by BFF Melissa M - not my Llama Melissa) decided we were getting best friend tattoos for my 26th birthday. I showed her what I'd been wanting, and she loved it! Mel consulted Siri for local tattoo shops and we chose one.

About an hour later I was watching Mel get my sweet little design inked on her hip. She lay there like it was no big deal; like she could take a nap or something. Granted, she already had a few tattoos before this, so she knew what to expect. Then it was my turn. I was terrified. The sound of the tattoo machine was making me nervous and the artist playfully kicked it on at me a few times to desensitize me to the sound. He patiently waited for me to offer him my arm and calm down. I tried to watch at first, but I couldn't. I ended up turning around and watching some cartoon show on the TV in the room. It didn't hurt as much as I was expecting it to, but I won't say it was painless.

I am very proud of myself for overcoming my fear and getting the tattoo I'd been dreaming of for years. It means a lot to me, and when Mel wanted it too, that meaning grew even more. You see, my Gramma used to say this to me: "Amanda, you just gotta have faith. Faith in the Lord, faith in your family, but most of all, you gotta have faith in yourself." Now, every time I look down at my wrist I hear those words and I remember that Melissa is apart of the family I chose for myself and she will always be there for me, like I am for her.

Do you have a tattoo? What's the meaning behind it?

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