November 18, 2014

Georgia Vs. Missouri

Moving to Middle-of-Nowhere, Missouri from Atlanta, Georgia has been a huge culture shock for me. And slightly frustrating. There are so many great things about living in and around a big city, and I miss it. Let's make a list (cause we all know how much I like lists) of things I miss from Georgia.

1. Chick-fil-A
They are everywhere in Georgia. It's my absolute fave fast food place, and they always have amazing service and clean bathrooms. I know there are some here in Missouri, but we have to travel at least 30 mins away to get to one, huge bummer.

2. Moe's 
This place is like heaven in a red plastic food basket. Its a less healthy version of Chipolte (aka they have amazing white cheese sauce). They've got burritos, nachos, and salads. Ah-may-zing.

3. The Mall of Georgia
The largest mall in the state (duh) that has almost every store you could think of in one place. AND a movie theater.

4. The Georgia Aquarium
Let me just tell you how much I love watching the Beluga whales. They are so graceful in the water, it's like ballet. Plus the dolphin show, the whale sharks, and of course the cutest penguins ever!

5. Quick Trip
Only the best gas station in the world. I have yet to see one here in our area. The Hy-vee fuel center is a pretty close comparison though.

6. My Family
Seriously, guys, this is the thing I miss most. Especially my mom.

While I still refer to Georgia as my "home," I am beginning to love some little things about this tiny town in Missouri where I currently reside.

1. No Traffic!
Like, ever. It's amazing!

2. Snow!
We hardly ever got snow in Georgia, and I think it is so beautiful.

3. Cheaper Gas
I brag to my mom all the time cause our gas prices are lower than theirs.

4. The slower pace of life.
It's nice that everyone isn't always in such a hurry here. It helps me to relax and actually enjoy my experiences more.

5. Our House
It's nice to live in a real house, with a yard, and no roommates. I can decorate how I want. I can walk around naked if I want (Hubs would love this!)

6. My Hubs
He's the whole reason I moved here to begin with. He's done his best to make this place feel like home for me, but in all reality, home is not a physical place. It's where your heart is, and my heart is with him.

What do you like best about your town?

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